It was obvious. After the media storm after the Juventus-Roma, where the Roma fans disguised as journalists who go mad in the national TV made appear Rocchi errors as errors only in one direction, I was expecting this kind of refereeing. At Sassuolo two expulsions imposed on neroverdi players, intimidating game allowed and penalty not given on Pogba. In Genoa the same old story. Penalty on Pogba denied, Tevez after a few minutes with his shorts torn from cleats and not even a yellow. The blame for all this is also of Juventus, who is unable to defend itself in television. So, yesterday arrest a player who has made 5 games for Juventus and played in 10 other teams, but the newspaper is “arrested former Juve player.”

It’s always the same method. Shoveling mud, something will remain. A lawyer spoke live on Telelombardia and says that Juventus was convicted of corrupting referees. Is there a complaint? At the moment I am not aware. There is not a single journalist who takes a minimum of juve parties under any magazine. Parliamentary questions and allegations of insider trading after a match like Juventus– Roma are reported in many newspapers. If I were a referee I would look well befoire giving a penalty to Juventus or expulsion to his opponent. So, if I’m wrong against Juve nothing happens, on the contrary, I end up on the grill. Be forewarned, this is not a complaint against the referees, but against the media and perhaps a way to handle the media problem from Juventus. In Turin, this obviously does not matter.

Then there are other problems. Some decisive players are still not at the top, and I think of Vidal, Llorente, Pirlo, Evra. Allegri fails to make a change before 25′ of the second half, a bit’ of bad luck given the 9 posts in as many rounds and the performance of certain goalkeepers. I think of Olympiakos, Sassuolo and Genoa. The goal incredibly conceded in the 94 ‘. But I also think that Lichtsteiner and Asamoah are no longer able to get to the bottom and do not know, however, to do a cross for Llorente , and that there is no defender on the bench with feet better than Chiellini, strong behind but when you have to set up the play it gets annoying. Last night couldn’t we’ve played at 4 and to attack more on the wings? Remove Chiellini and put a winger. Maybe trying the solution Coman (which for me should have played against Palermo)?

Allegri, this is the decisive moment of the season! The advantage over Roma was handled badly, the Champions League even worse and you risk elimination as and worse than last year. Is ‘s time to make a move and play well from the first half.

adapted in english an article of Antonello Angelini from