Allegri was the real question mark at the beginning of the season. Results so far? Excellent. A win and an undeserved defeat (in the house of the vice-champions of Europe) in the Champions League and only victories in the league, including those of Rome and Milan. I wrote that the first 10 games were important for the new coach in order to cement the relationship with the fans and the players. We know, the victories do help.

One thing still has not convinced me, but it might be the daughter of the moment: the substitutions and turnover. Few the first and in late stages, almost zero the second or dictated only by injuries and unavailability of players. I’ve always written that the Juventus club this year, in order to improve in the Champions League, has made ​​a opposite bet of what I would have done. Has expanded with pink Pereyra, Morata, Romulo, Evra in order to give some relief to Asamoah, Vidal, Pirlo, Tevez and Llorente.

The team could have been improved in this way or in that which I invoked: concentrate the money on one player of great value and experience type Sanchez, Mandzukic or Cuadrado to give unpredictability to maneuver or international experience depending on your choice. Marotta, Agnelli and Paratici have opted for the first solution, the extension of the rose, with the obvious bet that the owners of last year, if managed properly, could greatly improve the performance in Europe. Well for now they are not resting on anything.

It will probably be because of various injuries and the fact that Allegri in the early days did not want to take any chances with the second lines? Most Likely. Certain that the Coman seen at Bentegodi I would like to see more often in the field. Also because Coman in the field can also mean Rabiot at Juve and not at Roma. Effect of advertising-marketing. And given that Juve the money to buy already exploded Pogba doesn’t have, they must find them in house or have to “steal” from others at an acceptable cost or zero.

adapted in english an article of Antonello Angelini for