Massimiliano Allegri during Torino-Juventus / foto Daniele Buffa/Image Sport  ©Photo
Massimiliano Allegri during Torino-Juventus / foto Daniele Buffa/Image Sport ©Photo

It’s true that Juventus played a good derby, despite the absences and turnover decided after the match played with Monaco. After a complicated start the formation of Allegri has came out at the distance and the result with more wickedness in front of goal and a bit more luck could have been different.

Compared to the first leg we saw a Juventus more authoritarian, with less controlled the ball 58% at the Stadium and 53% yesterday but more dangerous with seven shots on goal against the 4 first leg and 20 overall to 14. For Torino the same number of total conclusions (13) with one less on target (5 to 4). Juventus has had greater possession also a clear territorial supremacy of over four minutes towards the goal , 61% compared to 60% of the game on the Stadium but especially more dangerous 58% compared to 52%

He is right, then, Allegri in saying that the team deserved more, although in view of the upcoming challenges will certainly analyze the errors and situations that led to the goal of Turin, with the full backs, especially Darmian, who have had easy life. The positive indications from this game there are, even those who played less can make a contribution and especially Andrea Pirlo is going up on his condition.

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