In a long interview for ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’ Massimiliano Allegri recounts his way of seeing football and reveals some interesting backstory starting from that relating to the day of arrival at Juventus.

“When I’ve signed the first contract with Juventus I asked that a bonus for winning the Champions League to be added. They thought I was joking. We reached the final and almost …”

“Juventus are favorites to reach an historic goal [winning the sixth consecutive Scudetto]. And then we would like to win the Super Cup, the Italian Cup. In Champions League is tougher now. In two games, with Lyon, we play the qualification. It is a kind of a knockout stage. But I have faith in my team. “

“We have changed sixteen players, in midfield champions like Pirlo, Vidal, Pogba. But it does not scare me. Rebuilding is not tiring, is truly inspiring. This year the company, with a strong transfer market, has provided me with six new, excellent, players. As I did with Dybala I try to include them in the right way and to balance their fatigue loads “.

“The first quality of a coach is not ever believe to be instrumental in the victories. The matches are won by the players. The good coach is the one who does less damage. Today a technical operates twenty-five companies, not just twenty-five players.

Then you have to know how to teach football. In this I think it can help you not having been a great champion. Because been one state leads you to think that your players can do what comes easy to you. But is not so. A coach has to have the patience to teach to send a cross in, to dribble, to make a launch. In modern football in addition we need two specific concerns and preparations: psychology and nutrition. “