Berlin here we come! Get ready!
Berlin here we come! Get ready!

From his home town Livorno wehre he is enjoing his holidays Max Allegri has left a long and interesting interview for GdS (the most beloved Italian newspaper among us Juventini old enough and smart enough to remember 2006…).
So, here are his words.

“Now it is fashionable the sabbatical year, but I already did it last year. I spent six months without work and I had enough. I am now on holiday with the desire to leave at once strong in July, working with highly motivated people. I want to avoid the risk of a down period that many teams have had to go through after an outstanding season. “

Are you not afraid of doing only worse?
“No, because Juve can grow a lot and I’m not referring to the results. The pursuit of success is implicit if you work at Juve, but there is much to do and this summer will be crucial. We must not think of the results, but to improve ourselves. The goals then are the usual: Scudetto, the Italian Cup and Champions dream that goes on. The first goal is to make history winning the fifth title in a row: Juve has succeeded only in the thirties but back then it was another world. But the club wants to consolidate itself in Europe, in the elite where we entered forcefully. “

But if we say Berlin what comes to your mind? A missed opportunity? The years that it will take to return to the final?
“I think first of all a good game, one of the most beautiful European finals in recent years: let us remember that the great Manchester United with Barca did not pass the midfield. We, however, have played well, at 1-1 I thought we would win it, then it gone as it has gone, but no regrets, although we could have done more. We lacked a bit of belief. “

Could you have done more?
“Of course, but I must also say that we have put everything, and is not in contradiction with what I said before. The tears of my players did not want to say “who knows how long we will get back to this far”, but rather “we really could have beat Barcelona and we did not succeed.” The team has a new awareness, it has more self-esteem, even internationally. I am very proud of this growth. “

Is it the feature that feels the most his in thi Juve?
“I do not know if it’s my doing, but the progress is undeniable. As the growth of so many players. “

For example Morata.
“A wonderful guy and a player who can only improve.”

If they sell Morata what are you saying?
“If they have to I hope that at least the club receipts 70 to 80 million. This is the present value of Morata. I think we should focus on him and on Coman, another young man of exceptional level, which needs a bit ‘of time to explode. “

If they are selling Pogba what are you going to say?
“Obviously it would be a choice and not corporate technique: to certain figures it is hard to say no. But if Paul stays in Turin has to do it with the right head, no regrets. Because what we have achieved this season is only a starting point and to build the future of Juve we need young and motivated players as well as senators who can convey the right spirit. “

Tevez will stay?
“It depends on him. It is his choice. But then again, those who remain have to know that the work for next season will be even more intense. I do not want people stopping to contemplate the successes. We come from four exceptional years, built with cleverness by the company, but is not told that there we can’t repeat ourselves and overcome, thoughit will be complicated. After these triumphs there is need to start with strong ideas. Will be a delicate season, with important choices for the future. “

Do you believe that his senators are able to maintain the voracity you’re asking?
“The hard core is as important as the grafts of young people as Berardi, Rugani, Zaza, which will be added to the players that we already have, born in the nineties. And tell me how many defenders in Europe are stronger than Bonucci, Chiellini, Barzagli, and we also add Ogbonna. “

Buffon is his undisputed leader?
“When I write on the blackboard the formation I never put the goalkeeper . Buffon, however, is a true champion, I do not know if and when will be reborn a goalkeeper like him. I was fortunate enough to coach many champions, people with enormous personality, but I say two out of all: Buffon and Nesta. “

You talk about importance of youth: do you believe that if Juve bets on them can remain among the first in Europe?
“If are the right young players, why not? Maybe they will not win the Champions immediately, but people like Dybala are needed to build a cycle. The final is also the fruit of years of work that needs to be strengthened. One of the most beautiful things of Berlin was the happiness of the fans, the enthusiasm despite the defeat. The mentality is changing. To be always at the top in Europe we need the right mentality of the whole environment and also the right players. With the club we agree: we need players of experience that they can bring up young people on which we are aiming. “

Is it true that has asked for a number ten?
“Yes, because unlike what someone says I like the quality players.”

Do you like Oscar?
“Very much: is one of those who can make a difference even in Europe. Because it is not said that a great player for the championship is just as great in Europe. I like Oscar, but I also like Isco, Pastore, Di Maria, Kroos. All players for Champions League. “

“There are no many first strikers around. Mandzukic, Higuain … a few others. Mandzukic is a good player to start the assault. “

To sign the contract with Juve do you need insurance on the rose?
“No need to talk about it, the company has all the desire it takes to build a European team. My point of view coincides with that of executives. “

So the contract is a formality?
“It is not a formality, but there is the will to move forward together.”

Allegri, can you outlinine his program for the future.
“Do not get obsessed by the results, build something strong, a Juve which is always among the first in Europe and play good football. There is still a lot to work. “

Before archiving the season, please select a photo to pack.
“The comeback of the Italian Cup in Florence. The enthusiasm of my players for that comeback is something that hardly can be archived. “