Directly from his Junior Camp of Livorno, Massimiliano Allegri spoke about the Juventus transfers:

“Let’s say that the arrival of Pjanic is the arrival of an important player with technical quality. He is a player that gives us many solutions on set pieces and that increases the thickness of the great midfielders at my disposal. Juventus are a team that to improve it, there are few players in Europe and Pjanic is one of them. The club has done a really good job to bring him.

It is not a matter that Juventus is closer to the ideas of Allegri. Allegri at Juventus is the coach to improve and work with players that society puts me in hand and to center results. It is not a matter of modules, because in football there is not a method and a module to win, but need great players who must be put under the best conditions to express themselves.

Pjanic is a player who can play in front of defense, interior and attacking midfielder, he is a very important player and I am very pleased that the company has made the effort to get him.

Pogba? I agree with the company and especially the company wants to keep him. Right now Pogba is a Juventus player, then after what will happen tomorrow no one can know. Surely Juventus have the desire and the will to improve this team and therefore with Pogba in it.

Morata? My will and that of the club is the same that he must stay at Juventus. And I encourage him to stay at Juventus. “