Massimiliano Allegri in the interview after Juventus – Lazio 2-0 admitted his bold new Juventus system was a “mad idea”!

“I am not much of a theorist, but every now and then I come up with a mad idea and try it on the pitch” 

“During the week I had not even thought about it, but after a training session the next morning I thought, ‘I have to change something’.

“I had said in the press conference on Saturday that it was an option, but nobody expected me to actually do it!”

“I don’t have to make anyone happy. The important thing is to be sure what you are doing.”

“Mandzukic has gone back in time because he played in that role when he was much younger. He also has a never-ending engine and wasn’t even tired at full-time. He did very well defending and in terms of technique.”

“The system is certainly one option we can use. Everyone was involved and played a great game as a team. “

“Even with so many attacking players, we allowed little or nothing to Lazio. We made a few mistakes and could have had many more goals.”

Juve’s victory in what was Allegri’s 300th match as a Serie A head coach moved them four points clear of Scudetto rivals Roma, who face Cagliari later on Sunday, at the top of the table.