Press conference allegri buffon

In the Press Conference before the Big game of tomorrow evening in the Last 16 of UCL, Juventus – Bayern, Max Allegri and Gigi Buffon have spoken about the game ahead. Here are the most important words left by the two as reported by the club official website.

Gigi Buffon:

“It is certainly going to be a very tough game against what is a very strong Bayern side with few, if any, obvious weaknesses,” the captain began. “As for ourselves though, we’ve grown enormously already over the course of this season and I think we’ll be able to approach this tie with more self-assurance and confidence than we did three years ago.”

“Our job tomorrow night is to win and to take a lead into the second leg. If we ensure that the game is tight and well-matched then we can be pleased with our efforts. Given the reputation and standing of both teams, this tie has more of a semi-final feel to it.”

“It takes a number of things to win a game as important as this and composure is just one of them. That said, you still need that measured aggression and desire to carry you to any victory.”

“When you are used to winning, you naturally never want to stop. The fascinating thing about football is that every game, whether in the league or in Europe, starts at 0-0 and it is up to you to go out and earn the right to win.

“Now, we are full of energy, enthusiasm and belief and credit for that must go to the boss after a tough start to the campaign. No doubt about it, with the core of players we have here at the moment, the future is very bright for Juventus.”

Max Allegri:

“It’s a last 16 tie against a first-rate outfit. We’ve deserved to get this far and we’ve got plenty of desire to give everything we’ve got to keep progressing. When the first whistle shrills it will be 0-0 and both sides have equal chances of going through. It will be a great game and we’re ready for it.”

“We need to rid them of possession and keep the ball as much as we possibly can. Keeping a clean sheet would be ideal, as it would allow us to go to Munich and play for qualification with two decent results at our disposal. I am however convinced that we’ll be in for plenty of goals tomorrow night.”

“Guardiola’s a fine boss and has brought his concepts from Barcelona to Bayern, albeit with different players. Before he had world-class players like Messi, now he’s got other top talents at his disposal.”