In the news conference ahead of his side’s round-of-16 Porto – Juventus, Allegri has spoken his mind and has also explained that Leonardo Bonucci has been dropped for Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Porto as punishment for an argument with him towards the end of Friday’s 4-1 win over Palermo.

“Bonucci’s going to be in the stands tomorrow, after the game I played it down because nothing really happened, but out of respect for the fans and the club, it is only right that I make this decision, and that is that.”

“This is a decision taken in agreement with the club. It was a scene which was not in keeping with my style and it is not on, particularly because it was seen by millions of children.”

“I have decided I will make a charitable donation next week, and I will reveal who it will go to in the days to come, I think it’s the right thing to do and shows my responsibility. Leo has understood my decision.”

“Barzagli and Chiellini are in good shape, we’ve brought everybody here as it’s an important time of the season, even for the four players who will sit in the stands tomorrow night.

“It’s a very intense moment and we have got to be united. There will be players who play tomorrow, players who play on Saturday and other players who play next Tuesday — I have the luxury to do this as I have a large squad.”

Allegri took a lighter approach to punishing Stephan Lichtsteiner and Paulo Dybala when they both reacted angrily to some of his decisions earlier this season, and it appears he has now decided the time has come to take a stand with Bonucci.

“It happened and that was it, there is always somebody who has to pay, so let’s just say he’s been unlucky.”

“There’s no tension — or rather there’s the right tension heading towards the end of a season where we want to win the league and go all the way in the Champions League and Coppa Italia. There are moments when you have to make a decision to try not to let things get out of hand, but I don’t think it’s serious.”

“I told him my decision this morning. I can’t see any problem. The issue is over — it’s not even an issue anyway, it’s just something that has happened and we need to think about Europe and be focused on tomorrow’s game.”

“We have 180 important minutes which are not going to be easy, against the hardest team we could have drawn of those who finished second in their group, with a great coach and one who concede few goals. We have this important game tomorrow and we need to win it — all together.”