Against Barcelona, Juventus started as the underdog and, in the light of the report of the Old Lady with the finals, for many this was a good thing. It does not seem to think so, though, Max Allegri, who at the end of an event spoke again of the final in Berlin, revealing a bit ‘of regret. Some wounds, however, do not close so quickly.

“If I could go back, probably I would prepare differently the final of the Champions League: everyone gave Barcelona the big favorite and some of us has been influenced by that. I do not think it’s impossible to go back again in the final – said the Juventus coach – but to do that the whole season must be managed very well.

When you play a final of the World Cup, you have only 4 days to prepare it and you are already focused on the goal. The Champions League final, however, comes a month after the semi-final and you have to practically start from scratch. The management of the dressing room? There is no secret, my idea is that a coach should not act on tactical protocols, but gradually adapt to the needs of the available team . “