Continues the Calvary, which began this summer, of Simone Pepe. The winger has taken the field for a few minutes this season and continues to alternate invitations to defections. Situation that makes many supporters of Simone Pepe in trepidation. Many have written to ask: “How is Pepe? When he comes back? Why continues to have problems?”

Obviously, it is difficult to give an answer. Since that unfortunate evening of Bari an injury that dragged on and is dragging too long. An absence that weighs, a crucial player in the economy of the group led by Antonio Conte, who last year was able to score many decisive goals. A player great for any functional module and also hypothetical 4-3-3 mentioned much these days. Missing his goals, his race, his dynamism, but also sympathy. His contribution last year was crucial, just think of the goals scored, six including the one at Naples, the two at Lazio, the goal against Palermo, one at Novara and Parma.

The Juventus fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming meetings and to see him start. Want to review the ball in the hole and the exultation with the “swing”. Next Sunday will be the return of Antonio Conte, will hopefully be soon to Pepe, meanwhile all the “black-white” people, tightens around him.

source:; by: MAssimo Pavan