Who would have thought that the Italo-Brazilian had so many purchasers?

Yet according to various market rumors it seems that Amauri is strongly backed by the president of Parma, Ghirardi, which would keep him after he revived in  Emilia.

 But from an economic point of view and prestige, other teams seem to be favored, in particular Milan, Napoli and Palermo.

AC Milan is looking for a quality reserve striker , as well as Napoli to replace Lucarelli.
While the president Rosanero  Zamparini has never denied the affection he feels for Amauri, and says that his safe return to Earth Sicilian would benefit both.

More recently the interest shown by viola Mihajlovic, but would have a hard time to secure the revenues that the attacker perceives by huge contract with Juventus

Do you still remember this?