This one is the LAST report from a Strong series of reports on FARSOPOLI. 
I hope all people will UNDERSTAND that JUVE was the victim of a Unfair Trial in 2006.
Published on August 27, 2011 on MYJUVENTUS.NET

This entire section is ‘in progress’. The ongoing process held at the IX Criminal Chamber of the Court of Naples is not over yet, at least at the time of this writing. We strongly recommend to all of you to follow the developments and read the sentences: each update will be faithfully published on the websites that you will find in the ‘Links’ section.

The “cupola” like mafia and P2. On July 10, 2007, the Neapolitan Prosecutors Filippo Beatrice and Giuseppe Narducci requested for remand of 37 out of the 48 suspects (for the others, the Prosecutor’s Office requested for the acquittal due to lack of evidence). After the first ruling (02/10/2008), there were 24 people left indicted (excluding even Ghirelli and Carraro, respectively secretary and president of FIGC). The accusation is of sporting fraud, but for some defendants there also is the crime of conspiracy. The hypothesis is that they would set up an organization (Narducci even say ‘with secret purposes’, so to be addressed by some journalists as “mafia- and P2-like” *a massonic lodge operating illegally in Italy in the ‘70s – ed]), with the former Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi as the main promoter, which de facto ruled the Italian football world and altered the outcome of the matches (prosecutors identified 29 matches in Serie A).(29), (30)

Giraudo and the already vanished offences. On the 14th of December 2009, the first sentences for the suspects who chose the abbreviated procedure were issued. It does not mean plea-bargain, it does not mean confession. The Italian justice system provides, in fact, for the defendant the possibility to avoid the hearing stage of the first instance and defends himself, thanks to his/her lawyers, from the allegations of the prosecutor without being able to rely on witnesses or additional evidence. Former CEO of Juventus Antonio Giraudo was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. Could have the abbreviated trial been a defensive error? A strategy? We only know that it is not over yet. On appeal, in fact, the sentence can be turned over, in light of the developments lately emerged in the trial. It does not even seem very unlikely, even in virtue of the grounds (apologies for the comment, but they are absurd to say the least) adduced by the Judge De Gregorio. Three are the matches contested:
– Udinese-Brescia, September 26, 2004 refereed by Dattilo. This game was already dismissed even at the time of the sentence of the sports justice! During this match, preceding Udinese-Juventus, the referee had sent off Jankulovski and shown the yellow card to Finzi, Muntari and Di Michele. All of this, according to the investigators, in a fraudulent manner. Too bad that the three booked players were not “diffidati” [in Serie A every player has a limited number of yellow cards he can receive over different matches before getting an automatic one-match suspension; when the player reaches such a limit, and therefore the next yellow card will cost him a suspension in the following match, it is said he is “diffidato”, which can be translated as “cautioned”, warned”; he must be very careful in order to avoid the ban. – ed], and they played against Juve! Jankulovski, rightly sent off for packing a punch against an opponent, was the protagonist of the mega-fight unleashed in the last minute of the match while the infractions were reported by the linesman, who is not even charged of anything! For that fight, Dattilo could have sent off half of the team, but he did not. At the end of the game, in one of the few phone calls in which Giraudo appears (out of about 180,000 in total), the CEO says to his friend Moggi: “If he’s smart, he blows away half of the team…”[referring to the referee’s decisions – ed], a sentence, once more, said in retrospect after the match. For many newspapers that phrase dated back to the day before the match!
– Juventus-Udinese February 13, 2005 refereed by Rodomonti. AC Milan had substantially reduced the gap from Juventus, also thanks to some referee favors. Juventus management perhaps believed to be in a position of weakness with respect to their opponent. Moggi and Giraudo, therefore, decide to organize a meeting with Pairetto to present their issues. Moggi clearly says to his colleague (phone calls made before the match): “Here we have come to the point that when in doubt…when in doubt you can go in favour or against…here, when in doubt it is always against (…)” to reaffirm the demand for fairness, and not an advantageous position or the request of favors. There will be, shortly thereafter, the famous phone call
about the grids between Bergamo and Moggi. And how does the call of the grids end? That is eventually appointed a referee that Moggi did not consider in “his” grid: Rodomonti. But what would Giraudo’s fraud be?
– Juventus-Lazio December 5, 2004 refereed by Dondarini. It ends 2-1 for Juve. There are no major referee incidents, although the investigators, to analyze the game objectively, choose to refer to the Lazio official website. Giraudo’s phone calls? None. Before the game there is a dinner between Juventus managers and referees’ chiefs, with Christmas gifts for them. A dinner that does not constitute a breach of any regulations (as Bergamo restated many times “Facchetti was the one who came to my house more often.” Again, no offence!). Dondarini is appointed for the match, and Moggi, as he often did, shows he already knows the names of the referees. As already written, the draw to appoint the referees was public and the names could have been reported to him by any journalists attending, or even in some cases received by the press, as for everyone else. But Giraudo? (31)

The beginning of the hearings. May 19, 2009, finally the long-awaited trial of Naples begins: 50 witnesses for the prosecution (brought by the prosecutors with the intention to find, once and for all, the evidences to nail down the “cupola”’) and 50 for the defense (especially those proposed by Bergamo, Pairetto, Moggi and De Santis) will follow one another. The depositions may be read in full on website in the Download section, where there are also the judgments of the Juventus’ trials, arbitrations, appeals to the TAR, police questionings, the Swiss SIM cards tables, the sports codes: all in their full, uncensored, uncut, uncommented versions. (32)
Unthinkable examining here dozens of witnesses. In summary, it can be said that from the witnesses of the prosecution and of the defense, no confirmation of the allegations of 4 years ago has emerged: only “impressions”, “feelings”, but no evidences. The regularity of the draws was confirmed, as well as it was confirmed the habit of all the clubs to give presents (gadgets and jerseys) to the referees, it was established that calling referees’ chiefs on the phone was not illegal but it was rather pleased by the federation, and also that managers of all the clubs used to participate in the referees’ Chiefs Christmas dinners, besides it was understood that Paparesta was never locked in a dressing room, and that the method of investigation has been, to say the least, defective, inaccurate, rough and, above all, one-sided. (33) Here are some interesting and emblematic strands of the entire process.

A masterpiece of absurdity: Nucini. On May 26, 2009, the former referee Danilo Nucini testifies. He tells he has always been hindered by the referees’ chiefs (certainly his irreverent character did not help him) and that he was excluded from Serie A after Juventus-Bologna in 2001 for a non-existent penalty awarded to Bologna (later missed). The circumstance is belied by the facts: Nucini, considered by many only a mediocre referee, continued to officiate in Serie A and B until the last year of his career. That same year, the turning point: rebuked by the referees’chiefs Bergamo and Pairetto for the umpteenth wrong game, he takes refuge in his longtime friend Giacinto Facchetti (both from Bergamo, they often met at the bar and have often be in contact by phone, since 1997), to whom he tells about alleged wrongs and pressures he would have suffered. Such conduct would already be punishable on itself, for referee and managers, according to Art. 6 of the CGS, with the relegation of the concerned team, Inter (to be clear, Moggi was not in contact nor there are calls with operant referees!). After the title of the May 5, 2002, Inter wants to be on it and, in fact, willingly accepts the help of Nucini: starting from a dossier on the careers of the referees (pro-Juve errors would have allowed to gain credit with the referees’ chiefs, except that in the courtroom he said: ‘I wrote what I was interested in’), he tells about a secret meeting with Moggi and Fabiani (former General director of Messina Calcio), when the two managers would have given an Italian SIM card to the referee, to be used strictly for the contacts with the two managers. Even in this circumstance, the former referee contradicts himself several times: he never used it…no, he did make 2-3 calls…well, what is sure is that it was practically thrown away immediately. Such an overwhelming evidence thrown into the bin? The tips that the referee received by Inter managers make think: they asked Nucini to understand well what Fabiani was doing and to investigate on the alleged SIM phone cards…well, one might think (as the defendants have stated many times): could it be that the espionage by Inter-Telecom against Moggi & co. had led Moggi himself to adopt the system of the Swiss SIM cards so to be more difficult to be wiretapped and prevent the competitors from listening to his talks about the player market or his private calls? But was
Nucini’s card Italian? In this story, who was defending itself? Inter or Juve? Who had to be relegated to Serie B? Indeed, confirming the fact that the witness is not so reliable, there is his renunciation to go to the Milan Prosecutor’s Office, invited by circles close to Inter management, to tell everything to the Prosecutor Boccassini(34). Anyway, Nucini’s rumors, not confirmed directly by the former Inter president who died in 2006, were later corroborated by a memorandum prepared by Facchetti himself and presented in the Naples courtroom by his son Gianfelice.

The unheeded “pentito”: the linesman Coppola. On December 4, 2009 Rosario Coppola, former assistant referee until 2002, testifies. He says that in May 2006 he went voluntarily to the Carabinieri in Rome to tell his version of the events, after having heard Borrelli’s appeals who complained about the climate of silence in the world of football. In the courtroom, Coppola reports the same considerations he had made at the police station, three years earlier, when he was told by the Police: “We are not interested in Inter.” Coppola, in fact, reports that, following the match Inter-Venice a couple of years before, he wrote in the final report about an incident regarding a punch by Cordoba against Bettarini and suffered pressure from Mazzei, referee representative, who asked him to change the report in order to reduce the penalty for the player. Coppola did not do it: since that moment he no more refereed in Serie A. The same prosecutor Giuseppe Narducci snubs the statement, but defense lawyers ply the witness as the episode is not so insignificant.(35)

The swiss telephone cards. How many inconsistencies! As many people know, from the Neapolitan investigations have emerged clues on the dissemination and use of foreigner telephone cards (mainly Swiss), owned by some of the alleged members of the “cupola”. A total of 21 SIM cards, belonging to Moggi (5 cards), to the referees De Santis, Racalbuto, Bertini, Paparesta, Pieri, Dattilo, Gabriele and Cassara, to the linesman Ambrosino, to the referees’ chiefs Bergamo and Pairetto and to the manager Fabiani. However, just as many are the inaccuracies and mistakes (as evidenced by the abuse of the words “likely”, “probably”, with which the police have tried to explain in the courtroom the method used during the investigation). The discovery dates back to February 9, 2005, when Bergamo called Moggi from a landline phone (wiretapped) to a “Swiss” number of the Juventus manager. But why then did the Police not wiretap the calls of such articulated “network” that, being in roaming on Italian territory, could and should have been wiretapped? Why not seizing the SIM cards in a blitz during the referee meetings in Coverciano? Fact is that many of the matches considered offences (79) are actually identified thanks to the telephone traffic on these foreign SIM cards, but without knowing the contents, only the number of the alleged calls. A flimsy evidence to say the least, it seems.
Many facts lead to different conclusions: the referees Gabriele, Cassarà and Paparesta have already been cleared of allegations in the preliminary investigative phase; however, all the referees have strongly denied having those SIM cards, even when they were plied by the investigators and the Prosecutors. The statistics of the Juventus matches of the 2004/2005 season refereed by the “Swiss” referees are against the “bianconeri” (points average equal to 1.88 against points average of the entire season equal 2.26!), but in favor of Milan (only one defeat and 5 wins away!). Same numbers considering the overall championships from 2004 to 2006 (Juventus is the only team to have, in the match directed by the referees under investigation, an average points lower than the total average points!); besides, Juventus has not been directed by those referees in the Italian Cup that season.
In addition, we believe it is not by chance that Mariano Fabiani (ex general director of Messina Calcio) became litigant (source ANSA 02/05/2007)in the story of Telecom espionage; perhaps the circumstance needs to be correlated to the tip-offs of the former referee Nucini to Inter managers.
The investigation on these foreign SIM cards began “a posteriori”, based on the system of “cells”, i.e. on the detection of signals from the telephone antenna towers: however, as pointed out by some experts, the margin for error is high, because for topographical reasons or because of traffic, not always the same cell is picked up from the same place, and many cover a radius of more than 100 Km. It is impossible to determine the exact number and the duration of the phone calls!
In addition, often have been attributed contacts departing from a number located in a certain place…but the subject was to be anywhere but there: for example, on March 21, 2005, two phone calls are linked to Paparesta. An anomaly, because, as demonstrated, at that time he was on vacation with his family in
Spain. Or De Santis who, while was attending a refresher course at the same police station where Auricchio was (ironically), was identified in another location. Same fate for the referee Bertini, who was not in Arezzo, but his alleged SIM card was…and it was making calls! Furthermore, De Santis would have used the card and made calls as soon as he had left the “cupola” (according to the Auricchio’s “Magnificent 12”). Yes, De Santis, based on errors pro or against Juve, was part of the “cupola” or not!
More inaccuracies arise from the summaries reporting the calls made with foreign cards: these tables, one for every investigated referee, divide the calls in weekly periods. Hard to think of a typo or transcription error, since the discordances are present in 12 different tables and 4 different weeks.
One might also wonder how Mr. Moggi could have 3-4 mobile phones, 5 Swiss cards plus the Italian ones and constantly change the SIM from one phone to another between different towns…and never make a mistake! And then, since Moggi, as claimed by the sports courts, influenced the referees through the referees’ chiefs, why were not found any calls (actually not even on Italian numbers!) between referees’ Chiefs and referees?
And the contents of those were not they more important? Perhaps evidence of Moggi’s guilt would have been found; perhaps we could have understood why we have been relegated to Serie B! Instead, nothing.(36)

The others’ wiretaps. The police has collected and listened to about 180,000 telephone wiretaps. From these have emerged the calls that have convicted Moggi and Giraudo. Among all of them, and we report it as a means of comparison, the one regarding the referee “grid” decided by Moggi and Bergamo is unanimously considered as the “mother” of all the wiretaps. Calling the referees’ chiefs was not an offence and talking about referee grid was not difficult: many journalists used to do it as well. For each match-day of the season, 5-6 groups of matches were identified: from the first (including the “hot” matches) to the last, with the match considered easier. For each group of matches, as many referees were chosen, among all the available ones, but with some limitations: a referee cannot officiate a team of the same province, nor he can officiate in succession the same team; besides he can direct only for a limited number of times the same team throughout the year, in case records are checked, etc… Finally, during the draw (which, again, was public and regular!) each game is matched with a referee among those designated for that group. In short, it was not impossible, through these preclusions, guessing the composition of a grid. Moggi compared his grid with that of Bergamo!
Furthermore, the next game, a referee that Moggi had not even put in the same group as Juventus match was, went right to direct the Bianconeri! But as time goes by, the truth begins to emerge.
“THE DEFENDANT LIKE IT OR NOT, THERE ARE NOT PHONE CALLS BETWEEN BERGAMO OR PAIRETTO AND MR.MORATTI”. These are the words of the prosecutor Giuseppe Narducci, interviewed October 27th last year on the possibility of the existence of phone calls not included in the folders of the investigation. Possibility that the same prosecutor boldly called: “Bullshits disproved by the facts.” (37). Allow us to make a comment: it is preposterous that a prosecutor, which by law has the duty to verify through investigation ALL the possible people responsible for fraud, in fact has never tapped the phones of all the clubs, but only those which were involved in the scandal (think of what could have come to light…in a few lines we’ll talk of what has emerged with the only “bounced” calls);
Moreover, although aware of the very serious calls made by “honest teams” [Inter – ed], calls that were already part of the investigation dossiers, it is scandalous that he releases such statements in a courtroom! Here are some examples. To you all the comments.

November 16, 2004, Facchetti calls Pairetto: “Have you decided for the Cup? Because that one in Germany is important”[…] “We want to finish first in the group.”

November 25, 2004, before Juve-Inter. Who was choosing the referees? Those who was really trying to manipulate (and not to guess) the grids?
Mazzei: I’m in the car on the way to Coverciano.
Facchetti: You going to Coverciano?
Mazzei: Yes, because I’ll meet Bergamo in half an hour.
Facchetti: Choose them wisely for Sunday night, eh…
Mazzei: Number 1 and number 2, I think, at this point I think from what…Ivaldi and Pisacreta. [As it will actually happen – ed].
Facchetti: Ivaldi and Pisacreta.
Mazzei: They are the number 1 and number 2.
Facchetti: Yes, and the number 1 of the referees [Collina – ed]
Mazzei: Yes, we hope to pick him with this damn draw…to pick the number 1. Facchetti: Come ooooonnnn…they do not have to make draws there, they have…ehhh Mazzei: Eh, how can you do it, Giacinto ….
Facchetti: Ehhh ….
Mazzei: Unfortunately, it takes luck there, because I tell you the truth, the draw here is made by a journalist. They should work out a grid where the chances are higher: that’s the only thing…
Facchetti: Come on, they put De Santis, who has already officiated Juventus on Sunday and therefore he cannot, put Rosetti who is from Turin…
Mazzei: But they have to leave an open field for at least 50% according to what is written in the regulations, I think.
The day after…
Facchetti: Listen, for Sunday then…
Bergamo: For Sunday we make a group of international refs because we do not want to risk anything. So, there are four refs. All four of them can officiate the game, there’s…
Facchetti: All right, but put in some … [It is not clear who says “Collina” – ed] Bergamo: Collina is in, Paparesta is in, Bertini and Rodomonti are in.
Facchetti: With Bertini we had some problems, eh…Also last year in Turin and in a couple of other games we had some problems with Bertini.
Bergamo: If it ever was unfortunately this way, I will talk to him. Indeed…it is better…I’ve got to tell you, you know … uh, uh
Facchetti: I do not know, I wanted to tell you …
Bergamo: You did well, you did well.
Facchetti: Some problems we had it just in Juve-Inter …

February 25, 2005
Bergamo: We make a large grid, because we have some referees in shape…so, except Paparesta who refereed your game last Sunday and therefore is for you precluded, there’s Collina, as usual, Trefoloni, Messina and De Santis. They are four good ones, there are no problems”
Facchetti: I understand, but rather, they should come in the right mood.
Bergamo: Yes, do not worry, and then as assistants we put Griselli and Mitro who are two…apart the fact that they are two of those selected for the World they are among the best ones, well …
Facchetti: More than the name, I trust the mood, I trust you.

May 11, 2005 (the day before Cagliari vs Inter, much-discussed match of the Italian Cup)
Facchetti: “Listen, I checked out, I checked out Bertini’s score [meaning the stats Inter has when refereed by Bertini – ed]…four wins, four draws, four defeats…” 
Bergamo: “Damn, let us make it five, four, four then…hehe”
Facchetti: “hehe”.
Bergamo: “I mean wins!”
Facchetti: “Tell him he’s decisive tomorrow”
Bergamo: “Sure, I’m gonna call him now, he just called me this morning but I could not answer”
Facchetti: “He’s decisive; he refereed twelve games, four, four, four…”
Bergamo: “As you say, he’s gonna change one [referring again to the stats – ed], but he must change the one that begins with “W” [Bergamo refers to “Wins” or “matches Won” – ed].”
Facchetti: “The right one, the right one, the right one”
Bergamo: “Yes, but he’s coming the right way, you’ll see…because he’s a clever lad and has now understood how to walk. It took a while to make him understand but, well, better late than never”
At the end of the game, Bertini called Bergamo, complaining about the fact that Facchetti entered the officials’ dressing room to alert them about the “4-4-4”…

March 24, 2005. Remember: there are no calls of Moggi with referees in activity.
De Santis: Ready.
Facchetti: Massimoo.
De Santis: How are you, Giacintooo?
Facchetti: Oh, fine and you?
De Santis: I have to congratulate you, indeed…you are interested in referees. 
Facchetti: (laughing) Well, we’ll see, but you know, I think there will be many people interested…
De Santis: Oh, okay, everyone is interested…now it is the current topic.
Facchetti: Oh yes. Oh, are you already in Paris?
De Santis: No, I’ll leave tomorrow morning.
Facchetti: Blatter called me. Gagg is there too.
De Santis: Oh, Walter (Gagg) is in Paris?
Facchetti: He’ll be there and told me he will bring you my greetings.
De Santis: Eh, or else I’ll give them to him.
Facchetti: Anyway, he will come and greet you. […] [Walter Gagg is known to be a close friend of Blatter; former head of the stadiums Committee of FIFA, he is now in charge at Inter of international relations – ed]

January 3, 2004. There’s going to be a meeting at Bergamo’s house, for dinner. (Confirmed in a call on made on January 5)
Bergamo: If you like, on Wednesday evening, if you are not busy with team, why do not you come to dinner at my house?
Facchetti: Yes, yes, sure…I come there with the plane of the team and then maybe I’ll call you, and I do not know how…
Previously, it was already preannounced another meeting… (in Milan or Forte dei Marmi)
Moratti: Look, I really wanted to meet you, when you have a minute, whenever it suits you, when you are in Milan, you tell me where you are, maybe I…we’ll meet for a second…I would really be pleased.
Bergamo: I, too, because I wanted to confide something to you.

January 9, 2005. Before Inter-Sampdoria 3-2 (comeback from 0-2), Facchetti informs Bergamo …
Facchetti: Nothing, I just wanted to tell you that I tried to tell my players to be tactful with Bertini, to have some confidence…
Bergamo: You’ll see he’ll be good, he is a good person and he comes, say, prepared to make a good game, believe me…they are guys that I’m counting on. It’s a challenge, you’ll see, that we’ll win together, come on. The next day, January 10, 2005, Facchetti calls Bergamo. Here is who was actually able to know the referees before the matches…
Facchetti: Paolo, you see that we have come back?
Bergamo: Historic!…yesterday…what I suffered, you cannot even imagine, because the game seemed to be compromised…There was an incredible reaction. […] Bergamo: Look, Sunday, er…Wednesday [Bologna-Inter, Italian Cup match played three days later and finished 3-1 for Inter – ed] I was planning to send as assistants…as in Bologna it is not a match to take for granted in my opinion, I was going to put Gemignani and Niccolai who are two good Tuscans eh …
Facchetti: Well, we haven’t had Gemignani anymore…
Bergamo: No, no, and I just wanted to send him to you on Sunday. Yes, sorry, Wednesday, there is this Italian Cup which we are still interested in so we…and then I’ll send you a young guy…since we wanted to get back on track Gabriele and Palanca, I wanted to send you Gabriele…
Facchetti: All right.
Bergamo: It’not a problem for you, he is doing well ..
Facchetti: No, No, it’s allright and I trust you…you are…

February 11, 2005, a strange phone call after another, brief, in which Facchetti asked Pairetto: “Listen, you’ve done there for the Cups?”
Facchetti: Hello?
Pairetto: Giacinto?
Facchetti: Here I am!!!
Pairetto: Here you areee!. I’ve tried there…[but what other phone number is Pairetto referring to? – ed]it was not possible and then I tried here. So, Graham Poll for the first leg in Porto.
Facchetti: Ah Poll…
Pairetto: Poll is good, you’ve already had him. Do you remember? […] Instead in Milan, Hauge, the Norwegian ref. They were both European, etc. therefore high level. […]
Pairetto: Everything okay? Yes!? Facchetti: Did you put Trefoloni in shape? [But what does it mean asking that to a referees’ chief? – ed]
Pairetto: Yes, the last time it had gone well.
Facchetti: I confirm, yes, yes, he’s good. […]
Pairetto: Well Giacinto, good luck. Talk to you soon, please, you know these things are always private, eh?!
Facchetti: Yes, yes, no … no …
Pairetto: These things are not known, it is just a thing between us.
Facchetti: All right.
Look up on the newspapers for Moggi’s calls and compare the “offences”. Who were the honest guys? Who was defending himself? (38)

AC Milan. Although it was one of the clubs involved in the investigation, AC Milan seems to have been pardoned. Only 8 penalty points for the 2005/2006 season and participation in the Champions League (later even won!). We challenge anyone: who has ever read or heard the wiretaps regarding AC Milan managers? In this regard, we report, as a finishing touch, a passage taken from the article “Calciopoli: enough fairy tales, it’s time for facts!” by the very talented Emilio Cambiaghi, incisive, sharp, polemical…a real request for justice.
“Let’s start from Collina, for whom were organized meetings on behalf of Galliani in the restaurant owned by Meani. What is more, they were arranged during the closing days: “so no one can see us”. Meani who wishes Collina to be soon appointed referees’ chief, so “I will not call you anymore”, who reminds him the time he helped him with the choices “I remember when we had vetoed Pisacreta” and whom he called “the boss, the big boss “to report about his beautiful friendship with the referee from Viareggio. And what about the linesman Puglisi, defined by his colleague Babini: “Puglia, the AC Milan supporter”. Before the derby of Champions, Puglisi calls his pal: “The important thing is that we manage to beat the shit out of these “interisti””. A few days later Meani heartened him about his future: “Why do you think I know these things? Because I’m pushing like crazy for you!”. The same Puglisi who asks Meani whether he will be refereeing Milan-Chievo with Meani who replies to him that he had already been chosen for Parma-Sampdoria, but that he (Meani) will make change the designation. As indeed happens. And he also takes precautions, chuckling: “You, however, try to keep quiet about these things I say, ok?”. Finally he tells how he instructed Babini for AC Milan-Chievo: “On Wednesday, be smart just like they want: when in doubt go up [with the flag – ed] one side and stay down on the other. Then, the evident things that everyone sees…no one will say anything! “.
And for him he was also pushing Galliani: “Puglisi though, we must do everything to put it in Serie A and B”. On the other hand, the President had already figured it all: “I know that you have already spoken to Puglisi”. Even the referee Messina was surprised, asking Meani on the phone: “Oh, but did you designate yourself the linesmen (Milan-Chievo, ed) or them?”
And Copelli? Before Milan-Sampdoria is reassured: “Did you see that I am relaunching…and I am too much…I’m relaunching Messina as well “. Copelli is the one that May 13, 2006, in front of Borrelli, said: “If an assistant would have wanted to referee an AC Milan match, he would not address the referees’ chiefs but Meani.” Yes, in fact, many times Meani had told him directly: “Do not worry; I’ll take care of it now. I’ll talk to Galliani…he knows, Galliani…I’ll tell him: listen, this one here is a man of ours, I’ll say it to him.”
And then the confidences to Contini, another linesman: “You and I are friends, you can give me a little more…it’s fine…you reproach the player instead of booking him, these are the things…”
Babini is even scared. After learning that Meani had chosen the Milan-Chievo linesmen, he calls him to say to him: “We should reject that game there, with this designation they confirm that it’s all crap […] I told you: we’ll make laugh all Italy with this designation.”
Unforgettable the promise to Rodomonti: “I also made you get 7.5 by Cecere [refers to the assessment mark of the referee observer – ed] […] However, look, my president phoned me; he’ll give you the address and send you as well to make a hair transplant in Switzerland. ”
And how to forget Meani who asks Mazzei to appoint the linesman Ambrosino; or who says to Pasquale D’Addato (AIA referee observer in Bologna) not to worry about his career as he will speak to Lanese (AIA president): “We would be pleased if D’Addato could become regional president. I’ll tell him: Dr. Galliani would like for him to be the president.”
One could go on for many pages, but we stop here, not without mentioning the now famous warning to Bergamo in view of the crucial Milan-Juventus (before the match Meani gifted the officials with watches… “But have a good chat with Trefoloni, or else we’ll cut off his head”); and Galliani’s loving efforts so that a referee Paparesta’s dossier, regarding his work at AssoBioDiesel, arrives in the hands of the Undersecretary Gianni Letta. So let’s stop, once and for all, to tell tales. Others were the powers, and they were very strong.”(39)

Hi everyone, 

We are fans, just like you, of that football team that gave us 29 League Titles won on the pitch, nine Italian Cups, 2 European Cups and an endless series of emotions, men and plays remained in the history of football. And in our minds. A team that…either you hate, or you are madly in love with: Juventus. 

With this report of a few pages, we would like to trace the origin and the implementation of a farce with no equal in the history of our Country; for years, in fact, some newspapers and TV programmes with self-styled slow-motion replays analysts and commentators have raised the masses against the football power of a team of absolute value, pillorying on the media any conduct of our managers and players and creating this way that “people’s sentiment” that has contributed more than anything else to relegate us to Serie B. We do not want to mouth rhetoric, in fact, quite the contrary. All the statements, as already said, will be briefly analyzed, leaving no space to our comments, surely “biased”. We will go straight to the truth. We will not fling any accusations; we will not name the names or report the facts if not widely documented by laws, sentences, documents, statements (and not hearsays). 

Over recent years, Juventus and its managers have often been investigated, prosecuted…but are we sure we know the events as they really happened? Have we ever been convicted? And are we sure that other clubs that declared themselves “honest” had not committed out-and-out criminal offences over unsuspected years? We believe that only few of you are aware of how things are and only a careful analysis of all the news circulating on internet has led us to uncover the harsh reality. 

Our aim is to spread as much as possible the truth, too often hushed up by the media: the only act of presumption we could be accused of is the willingness to make EVERYONE understand, both Juventus brothers and others, that what was committed in 2006 and all that preceded and followed, is a scandal that should not only concern 2-3000 frantic fans, but an entire people. A Country that declares itself civil, like ours, cannot have concealed a mess so obvious and that includes a series of unheard-of outrages… 

We are confident that soon even those who are in the dark will understand. 

We conclude by thanking the editorial staff of the website (read “juventinovero”), online magazine, our precious and irreplaceable source of information and articles, and all “friends” websites we have drawn from to write these few pages, concise to the bone by necessity, but full of news, perhaps unknown to many of you (repeat: NEWS, OBJECTIVE FACTS, not “rumors”). Any link to the original article may be consulted free of charge on the web. Many websites that carry out our own same battles will be mentioned in the links and bibliography section. 
We do not certainly do it for money, we do not want to pass for a pain in the neck, and we have no copyright. We are doctors, nurses, surveyors, engineers, workers, housewives, clerks, lawyers, students, Juventus small shareholders, journalists…who do not act for profit: print and share as many copies as you can! 
Maybe we have a last wish: we would like that all the Juventus people could finally be close-knit. At stake there is the restitution of the league titles deservedly won on the pitch and, above all, the return of the dignity as well as the rehabilitation before the nation and the world. We would be pleased that, in the event of a favorable outcome, we could all come together to celebrate; and that, if necessary, we would be ready to give full support to the club management, in every possible, available, civil and lawful way. 

Only and forever “Forza Juve”.

Corrado de Biase: (Head of Investigations Office in 1980): “The trial held this summer has given birth to a “juridical abortion”” 
Francesco Cossiga: “I feel ashamed for that travesty of justice which is the Commission of Federal Appeal: I was very surprised that a serious jurist stooped so low as to go to chair it… ” 
Enzo Biagi: “An insane ruling because it was built on nothing, on wiretaps difficult to interpret and unserviceable in a trial worthy of the name (…). It might be that to cover a giant-sized scandal (Laziogate, Telecom, ed) they have identified Moggi as the villain to feed the populace?” 
Piero Ostellino (journalist, formerly director of “Corriere della Sera”): “All of them agreed to a moralistic formula, for a visceral hatred against Juve or just stupidity (…) because the Italian press too often (not just in this respect) is simply obscene.” 

For the dignity, for the history of Juventus, but also for the future of the team and the club For Italy: for the cancellation of an unprecedented farce, which hit the 4th industry in the country (football) 1) Revocation of the of the “cardboard” 2005/2006 Scudetto, awarded to Inter in 2006; 2) Complete revision of the sports sentences; 3) Return of the titles for lack of crimes (along with any penalties for other clubs found guilty); 4) Compensation under the civil law; 

– URGE THE OWNERS, WITH THE AVAILABLE MEANS (letters, e-mail, banners, …) SHOULD THEY NOT COMPLITELY COMMIT IN THE DISPUTE (but finally, after four years of devastating management, with the arrival of Andrea Agnelli, signs of a strong and determined club presence can be seen).
USEFUL LINKS (email address: [email protected] for communications, suggestions, requests) Juventus fans forum, including journalists and more or less famous personalities) ( “ “ “) ( “ “ “) (website of the same association which fights for the restitution of the titles) (blog) (blog)
(We apologise for the websites not listed. The selection was determined by arbitrary criteria: many are, in fact, the web pages created after the 2006 events. For further interesting info and material, please check on and facebook).
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