This one is the third report from a Strong series of reports on FARSOPOLI, the others will follow.
Published on July 4, 2011 on MYJUVENTUS.NET

We might say it is a never ending story. It must be clear that no one here wants to complain about the work of Italian magistrates. It remains unclear, however, the reason for such fierceness against a club like Juventus: it is true, those in power are more exposed to suspicion. That said, one thing are the headlines, the assumptions…different thing is a penal prosecution, with attached the cost to be borne by the State and working hours for magistrates who’d better deal with more important issues for the life of the country. Again, this is not a preventive criticism, it rather is an impartial observation that everyone could make retrospectively. We use the conditional because if the average citizen is not informed of the facts, the reality then is certainly twisted.

The doping trial. It was 1998. Who can forget Zeman’s accusations? Turin Prosecutor Guariniello opened an investigation. The trial began. There were rumors of anomalous values (two out of hundreds of controls, statistically less than those found in a normally healthy population), there were rumors of EPO. As a result of the first instance, Giraudo was acquitted while Dr.Agricola judged guilty. On appeal, in 2005, they were both acquitted. On March 29, 2010, the Supreme Court ended the debate: Juventus was fully acquitted of doping (it was proved, in short, that there was no use of EPO or other prohibited substances). .(13) It should be noted, however, that the Supreme Court does not enter into the merits of the sentences: it follows that, at worst, the trial should have been revised from the start.

Cannavaro’s case. How can we forget the notorious video about the I.V. drip, filmed when the player was in Parma but broadcasted on TV (Rai) when, of course, the defender had already arrived in Turin? Well, even in that occasion Juventus was paradoxically forced to defend itself. Later on, still Cannavaro, by then one of the alleged drug-takers, was found positive after taking steroids to treat a wasp sting, something regularly denounced by the club doctors. The anti-doping court proposed a suspension for negligent behavior of the Juventus health staff, which immediately turned to the TAS [the international Court of Arbitration for Sport – ed] in Lausanne; the TAS, which approved the appeal, on September 3, 2010 acquitted the two doctors and obliged CONI to indemnify them(14).

Balance sheets. The lines of investigation are as many as two! We will see later how all the other big teams of the Italian league have circumvented the laws on accounting fraud, we will see that all of them took advantage of the so-called “decreto spalmadebiti” [“spread-debt decree”: a decree passed by the Berlusconi Government to save most of the Italian football clubs from bankrupt through the application of accounting tricks and irregularities. The decree was rejected by the EU Commission on Competition – ed]…and the only club to always break even has been Juve, without even having owner’s financial support but only thanks to the ability of the two managers Moggi and Giraudo. Here are the results:

– 24/11/2009: “Process for capital gains, the Triad was acquitted. Prosecutors had asked for three years imprisonment for Moggi and Giraudo, and two for Bettega who were judged “not guilty” because “the fact is without fundation”.(15)
– 14/09/2010: “Inquiry on tax violations. Cobolli Gigli and Blanc were acquitted. The case about the commissions for the agents was dismissed. Also for the Triad.”(16) Such activity is carried out systematically in the same way by all the professional clubs. But Juventus had to undergo even this process…

Paparesta’s case. “Calciopoli, Paparesta dismissed: another innocent in the Calciopoli investigation”(17). Paparesta himself has denied that he was locked up in the famous dressing room; in relation to that, no report by the Commissioners, by the opposing team or by the police was presented…they all have only confirmed to have heard Moggi protesting after the match (just keep in mind that authorized club executives were allowed to enter the dressing room until 20 minutes before the match and/or after the game…not during, as someone else did, and it was also allowed, indeed welcome, giving gadgets and jerseys to the referees). Everyone has belied the one and only phone call in which Moggi boasted about locking the referee into the dressing room (and that he had brought the keys with him!). There’s also a sentence of the Court of Reggio Calabria which controverts the event.

Lecce-Parma case. You might wonder what this has to do with Juve. Answer: it is an offence the “cupola” was charged with (by now we could ironically say that the fearful organization was formed only by Moggi, Giraudo, Bergamo and De Santis, with the latter participating on/off) relative to the attempt to avoid the relegation of Fiorentina (Here is an essential link). Besides: (18). Another theorem demolished…

Referee draws. While awaiting the depletion of this strand in the Court of Naples (there is a weekly parade of journalists and notaries who keeps certifying the correctness of the draws), there is already a sentence stating that the draw had taken place in the total compliance with the rules (19). In defiance of the “Gazzetta’s” headline of the 07/11/2009 “Here is how we rigged the draws”. By the way, the draws were public. Moggi used to know the name of the appointed officials only after the draw and before no one else…simply the police just paid particular “attention” exclusively to his mobiles! Indeed, they considered relevant only his phone calls.

The GEA trial. The charge is conspiracy for the Moggis, father and son, for Davide Lippi and for other people. In the first instance conspiracy has already been dropped and only the accusation for domestic violence is left (Moggis risk about 1 year imprisonment). The process is still ongoing, but in any case, the charge that rival clubs and newspapers would have desired has now been dropped, and there are only “personal” crimes left.

The trial in Naples. We’ll talk about it soon. It’s the most important current affair. It is the process concerning the charge of conspiracy to commit sport fraud. Giraudo, as we know, has chosen the abbreviated procedure (strategy? Work commitments?), but in the Appeal there will be many surprises… and reading these few lines you will be more informed than all our friends/enemies who support other teams and very often speak inappropriately.

Hi everyone, 

We are fans, just like you, of that football team that gave us 29 League Titles won on the pitch, nine Italian Cups, 2 European Cups and an endless series of emotions, men and plays remained in the history of football. And in our minds. A team that…either you hate, or you are madly in love with: Juventus. 

With this report of a few pages, we would like to trace the origin and the implementation of a farce with no equal in the history of our Country; for years, in fact, some newspapers and TV programmes with self-styled slow-motion replays analysts and commentators have raised the masses against the football power of a team of absolute value, pillorying on the media any conduct of our managers and players and creating this way that “people’s sentiment” that has contributed more than anything else to relegate us to Serie B. We do not want to mouth rhetoric, in fact, quite the contrary. All the statements, as already said, will be briefly analyzed, leaving no space to our comments, surely “biased”. We will go straight to the truth. We will not fling any accusations; we will not name the names or report the facts if not widely documented by laws, sentences, documents, statements (and not hearsays). 

Over recent years, Juventus and its managers have often been investigated, prosecuted…but are we sure we know the events as they really happened? Have we ever been convicted? And are we sure that other clubs that declared themselves “honest” had not committed out-and-out criminal offences over unsuspected years? We believe that only few of you are aware of how things are and only a careful analysis of all the news circulating on internet has led us to uncover the harsh reality. 

Our aim is to spread as much as possible the truth, too often hushed up by the media: the only act of presumption we could be accused of is the willingness to make EVERYONE understand, both Juventus brothers and others, that what was committed in 2006 and all that preceded and followed, is a scandal that should not only concern 2-3000 frantic fans, but an entire people. A Country that declares itself civil, like ours, cannot have concealed a mess so obvious and that includes a series of unheard-of outrages… 

We are confident that soon even those who are in the dark will understand. 

We conclude by thanking the editorial staff of the website (read “juventinovero”), online magazine, our precious and irreplaceable source of information and articles, and all “friends” websites we have drawn from to write these few pages, concise to the bone by necessity, but full of news, perhaps unknown to many of you (repeat: NEWS, OBJECTIVE FACTS, not “rumors”). Any link to the original article may be consulted free of charge on the web. Many websites that carry out our own same battles will be mentioned in the links and bibliography section. 
We do not certainly do it for money, we do not want to pass for a pain in the neck, and we have no copyright. We are doctors, nurses, surveyors, engineers, workers, housewives, clerks, lawyers, students, Juventus small shareholders, journalists…who do not act for profit: print and share as many copies as you can! 
Maybe we have a last wish: we would like that all the Juventus people could finally be close-knit. At stake there is the restitution of the league titles deservedly won on the pitch and, above all, the return of the dignity as well as the rehabilitation before the nation and the world. We would be pleased that, in the event of a favorable outcome, we could all come together to celebrate; and that, if necessary, we would be ready to give full support to the club management, in every possible, available, civil and lawful way. 

Only and forever “Forza Juve”.

Corrado de Biase: (Head of Investigations Office in 1980): “The trial held this summer has given birth to a “juridical abortion”” 
Francesco Cossiga: “I feel ashamed for that travesty of justice which is the Commission of Federal Appeal: I was very surprised that a serious jurist stooped so low as to go to chair it… ” 
Enzo Biagi: “An insane ruling because it was built on nothing, on wiretaps difficult to interpret and unserviceable in a trial worthy of the name (…). It might be that to cover a giant-sized scandal (Laziogate, Telecom, ed) they have identified Moggi as the villain to feed the populace?” 
Piero Ostellino (journalist, formerly director of “Corriere della Sera”): “All of them agreed to a moralistic formula, for a visceral hatred against Juve or just stupidity (…) because the Italian press too often (not just in this respect) is simply obscene.” 

For the dignity, for the history of Juventus, but also for the future of the team and the club For Italy: for the cancellation of an unprecedented farce, which hit the 4th industry in the country (football) 1) Revocation of the of the “cardboard” 2005/2006 Scudetto, awarded to Inter in 2006; 2) Complete revision of the sports sentences; 3) Return of the titles for lack of crimes (along with any penalties for other clubs found guilty); 4) Compensation under the civil law; 

– URGE THE OWNERS, WITH THE AVAILABLE MEANS (letters, e-mail, banners, …) SHOULD THEY NOT COMPLITELY COMMIT IN THE DISPUTE (but finally, after four years of devastating management, with the arrival of Andrea Agnelli, signs of a strong and determined club presence can be seen).