Tomorrow will be Domemico Berardi’s first game against Juventus, his future club.
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Year 2010, sixteen years old and first season with the youth of Sassuolo; does not last long because two years after is already in the first team, still a minor. Rhetorical question: what meaning they have a goal and an assist in his second appearance in Serie B? Exceptional impact.

(Season 2012/13, source:

Engraving directly or with the winning assist in 17 goals, almost 22% of the total Sassuolo 2012/13, is not the stuff of a rookie. Ah, he is not the striker but a winger. Beware of cards: Five warnings and expulsion, unfortunately we’ll talk. Another detail that removes some point the primordial perfection is not always be the holder: on 26 occasions, however, a high figure for the neo-age. At the end of the Serie B gets a call from Juventus: for 4.5 million Berardi half and half Marrone, with both playing for Sassuolo. The deal is done.

The first season among the big suggests to Turin that the choice was spot on; Sassuolo is saved to three days from the end and Domenico increases his “score”. His Serie A, however, starts disqualified: in the promotion play-off against Livorno had been expelled for three rounds for a brawl broke out at a quarter of an hour from 90 °; The game ended with ten men of the Tuscans and nine of the Sassuolo. Berardi does not debut at the fourth but the fifth day, for additional justification.

The moments, in fact. Less than three at the end of the season, Fiorentina-Sassuolo. Sad situation: Berardi & co. are 18th and still have to face Genoa and Milan. The city of Florence is silent and angry and at the same time amazed, because Berardi makes three in 42 minutes of the first half alone; Sassuolo won 4-3 with some ultimate thrill, but the game is all his stuff. Salvation is not mathematical but already there, Domenico records the sixteenth goal in the first year of A. Ten goals against Sampdoria, Fiorentina and Milan, two triples and a poker, the ultimate expression of the unconscious production of Domenico. On the other hand, some ways of doing things were and remain his ballast.

(Season 2013/14, source:

In addition to rubbing your eyes for goals and assists, improved and by much despite the jump in class, are impressive, the number of yellow cards (other then the usual expulsion). Correctional? Apparently not, given the elbow trimmed to Juan Jesus of Inter about a month and a half ago. At twenty years is not time to calm down? Everyone hopes so in the hope that he may believe himself.

The left-foot of Berardi is a happy ending, the show to see: precise and powerful and perhaps the most lethal of the championship. Last season, says, scored a goal every 5.7 shots; 17 goals from striker Higuain scored every 5.3 shots, we’re there. The dribbling, the passing, the ability to go in depth regardless of the defense being well placed, with helping fellows in withdrawing in midfield … Also, winger or attacking midfielder, doesn’t matter, he is crucial and forces the opponent to frequent foul; Unlike of his peers,  seems already complete (even in the physical sculptural, 185cm for 72kg) and is undoubtedly one of the “top 1994” of the major European leagues. Juventus? Begins to prepare the euro that are missing to take him entirely.


Juve decided to bring immediately the young Berardi to Turin. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Conte has spoken directly to the attacker, who said yes.
His card is co-owned with Sassuolo, which in turn asks the other half of Zaza, preferred to Marrone.