Well actually we don’t care what Happens in your derby…Why? Cause we’ve already proved you both that we are the BETTER TEAM

Sunday evening will be the derby and hoping in the afternoon to bring home a victory, which is fundamental, we live in hope to sit comfortable on the couch to enjoy the Milan derby. 

Difficult to make predictions. Dramatically, compared to a few months ago, M***A is growing. In previous games had won and not convinced. With Parma won and convinced. Milan, however, lives entirely on the shoulders of Ibrahimovic, then will become important, once again his contribution. 

Who to cheer for and why? There are at least three good reasons to cheer M***A. 

The first is in the ranking: if M***A wins, Juventus could also not win and stay (Udinese permitting) First. The second is in the data: is hard for a team, except on rare occasions that can lose more than 5-6 games in a season and if Milan lose would be the third time. The third: the backlash. Losing a derby is bad, very bad. Losing the derby and then maybe even losing on the market for Tevez could trigger favorable cases and controversies that already lives in an environment of certain strains, see the case Pato and the renewal of Allegri that never came. 

But the question is simple: can a Juve fan cheer for M***A? Difficult, if not impossible. Frankly I do not believe that a true fan would praise the team Moratti&Co, it would be possible only with a key challenge, even if some fan would have the same aversion. After the recent past, the reasons for not cheer M***A are all right and they are many. The rivalry, in this case, however, there is also the ranking. If M***A were to lose or draw, would remain at a safe distance, which means safe third place. For Juventus to return in the Champions League is important to plan with confidence for next season which should be in everyone’s minds, that of the true qualitative leap in Italy and Europe. 

So in the end who to cheer for on Sunday? Mister X, in the end he is the man who would make everyone happy, just like a song of Ligabue said: Alive, dead or X? We are for the X

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise