A cold shower. This was for Juventus supporters the externalization of president Andrea Agnelli who in fact has greeted, definitely and unquestionably, Alessandro Del Piero. Oh yes, because although everyone knew that the roads between the captain and Juventus would be divided at the end of the current season, to hear was a slap in the face so soon and so strongly does a tremendous evil. The love of all Juventus fans for Alex is too large, especially those who grew up admiring his deeds. 

For those born in the 80s, then, Alex is the player who marked footballing (and more) childhood, puberty, youth and early adult life. This goes beyond the fact that Del Piero has become the most important player and representative of Juventus history. Del Piero is Del Piero and, as such, he can not be treated equally, which can be implemented against a Amauri. According to the president, everything has been done in the context of the shareholders because it would be the last with Alessandro Del Piero as Juventus player. To this was only right to thank him in front of all shareholders and, in particular, before the two presidents (Boniperti and Agnelli to the fact) that have signed the first and his last contract. A little strange thing. . 

For some it was as a revenge for the video produced by Alex on 26 February where he announced the imminent signing of a contract in White, a video made with all the love and all the desire to continue the adventure in black and white, especially in the new stadium (the fourth, after the Comunale where he won a Primavera championship , the Delle Alpi and Olympic). For others it was the wrong time, place and manner. The June 30, however, only one thing will unite athletes all over the world and in particular all Juventus fans: a great sense of loss and sadness. Lost: will be really strange to see Juventus take the field without her leader, not without her champion and her history. Sadness: because very unlikely the future of football there will be room for another player who can at least try to match what Del Piero did at Juventus and for Juventus. Alex, Still missing a lot until June, but you already know we miss you like crazy. 

by: Dario Mangiacasale 
adapted by: Mike Prise