TURIN, June 1, 2012 – Andrea Agnelli, have you cried for the Scudetto? 
“I realized a few days later, when I spoke to the team: there I was moved. On the evening of the victory it did not seem real, I could hear the horns of the people: I did not even realize that I had done it. ” 

Why  haven’t you gone to Trieste? 
“As for the last four away games. The one with Cesena I had followed with the mail, in a parking lot of a factory of “Chrysler,” in Detroit: imagine when I seen written 4 minutes of recovery. ” 

The turning point of the season? 
“In Naples, the discourse of the coach, at the halftime. I thought: “we can play.” He made understand the potential of the players, has changed the mentality. 5 more minutes and we would have won 5-3, not 4-3 (finished 3-3, ed). ” 

“From Paradise to Hell and back,” he wrote. 12 months ago you never thought, the Purgatory still affects? 
“I said, “If next year, in this period, we will have these problems, then we have a problem. But there were two different sevenths places: the first the end of cycle, and the other in full phase of renovation. ” 

We go to see the stars, staying with Dante, how many on the jersey? 
“To us, the championships are thirty: as I said, there will be a surprise on the jersey.” 

To CNN has spoken of 28 championships. 
“On the field, thirty. Then there is the roll of honor of the Federation. As was our demand for equal justice. And our exposed remained unanswered: would have been a political opportunity from the FIGC to set things right. M***A, who had finished third in 2006 because amongst us there was AC Milan, went out with the championship of the honest ones. At most of the prescribed. We respect the institutions, we accept the judgments, and required to review an episode: they did not, that was a rudeness. ” 

What are your thoughts on the match-fixing investigation? 
“If someone has wrong is just to pay severely, because it affects the credibility, the dreams of the people. But one must not get confused with what may be a logical sport reasoning, and here I give support to the words of Buffon. It is clear that if you need a point for the Champions League and one to save you, hardly one plays with a knife between his teeth. It is part of the world of sports and has nothing to do with arranging matches or combine. The problem is serious, and is sacrosanct that the sports judiciary and ordinary use all means at its disposal to make things clear. What is annoying is how these events are emphasized and spectacularized. ” 

Buffon and Bonucci came under the spotlight. 
“Gigi Buffon is an absolutely fair athlete and does not need to arrive at situations of betting. What is certainly unique, is that this statement comes out today. The fact that Buffon is not even investigated, doubly surprising. Just as it is unique, and severe, which is published today in the docket entry by Cremona, sent to Bari, where there are also names of people who, to date, were heard only as simple witnesses. ” 

Conte will remain the coach of Juventus in the event of disqualification? 
“Let us ask ourselves the problems of today. As far as is our knowledge, his involvement is close to the insignificant. Then we’ll do all the assessments, in case something is changed. After that, there are other things. ” 

That is? 
“A code of justice near to the archaic sport, if we think of the terms of turnover that reached football, about 18 billion at the European level. I know that changing the rules on the run is wrong, but as soon as possible, we need to review the codes that govern us. Compare the position of Andrea playing a tournament Sunday of golf with professional athletes at the highest level of sport is wrong: I speak of strict liability and failure to report, for example. It would not be the only reform, though. ” 

A menu of those necessary? 
“Review the governance of the League of A, to be a credible partner in front of the institutions, State, Coni and FIGC. The Law on sports facilities, which allow private citizens to invest in a quick and favorable conditions, the law 91 of 81 with the possible introduction of the concept of the professional athlete, the protection of trademarks, a revision of the championships, with the Federation. Competing means well be a horizon: we want to support excellence in Europe or the mediocrity at home and be the parochial country of the 60,000 communes? “. 

Meanwhile has restructured Juve. 
“There has been a process of renewal, sports and business: ten new players every year. In that context seek the champion that  would change the team’s performance was unthinkable. Today you can think to do it. But then it opens another question: is this going to create imbalances or insert a added value? The answer also depends on what you find on the market: it is one thing to say I have unlimited spending power, another one that I have to find the right champion at an affordable and reasonable price.” 

Have you given yourselves a salary cap? 
“No. I only say that Juve has a capacity of fire, that is, salaries plus depreciation and amortization, which is between 150 and 160 million euros. And this puts us in the top ten in Europe. Within this, anything goes. If we apply the equation, of how much it costs the team, you’re always at least in the second round or in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. ” 

Cruyff said: “Win the best, beyond the budget.” Is it still possible? 
“They are different ages. Today everything has changed, just take the last two decades: the main countries are dominated by a few teams. Those with a catchment area, leading people to stadiums and selling TV images. ” 

A star, it weighs more the purchase price or the paycheck? 
“The salary is what unbalances more.” 

Did you expect that Conte was so good and decisive? 
“He had won two championships of B, and then I knew the character. Antonio was the icing on the cake, has worked as an accelerator: he knows the DNA of Juventus, the environment, like what I was doing in club. ” 

Milan sells, you buy: how did the world turn? 
“Hard work from the company, and of the sport part. I would say Marotta, Paratici, Giovanni Rossi, Nedved, Pessotto. The real ability is to keep a competitive team in constant time, without getting to the end of cycle. We were at the end of the cycle: at some point you have to know who to change. Via Zidane, one that seemed irreplaceable, for Nedved, Thuram and Buffon. The most striking example, the ability to innovate. ” 

For this reason there is no Del Piero? 
“On the one hand that, then all the stories have an end. Even the best writer would have thought better: he raised the Scudetto Cup, in the new stadium which he felt talking since he was here. ” 

More difficult to win the Champions League or take the “Ryder Cup” in Italy? 
“They are two different things. For Juve, according to available resources, to win the Champions League is a goal. Next year’s ambition is to participate and win. We went over our schedule, not beyond our ambition. Bring the “Ryder Cup” here is really difficult, because the specific gravity of Italian golf and world are marginal. 

Juve of Capello against Juve of Conte, who wins?

Prandelli would pay a ticket for a game of Zeman: you? 
“To see “Anfield Road” never heard “You never walk alone ” live.” 

If the top player is the team, as John Elkann remembered, Van Persie, Higuain and companions are impossible to get? 
“Not at all: if you want, you can do it. Two years ago it would have been useless: there was to build the house, needless to put a plasma TV. Then you have to do assessments at 360 degrees to see if one is a good guy or a rebellious spirit. Tevez and Van Persie? ».. 

When you weren’t president but only a fan, who would you take? 
“I cared winning.”

Why Van Persie did a tour of Turin? 
“He did?”

How have you  lived these two years?
“The real challenge was to revitalize a company that had almost died two years ago, in mid-May, I go to the headquarters on Saturday morning and I find it boarded up. One year later, on Saturday morning, I go and there are 25 people in the office. Restore enthusiasm to those who work, to our fans who from 2006 to 2010 had lost the team: like the old Democrats. But then, the changes are of breakage and reconstruction. ” 

“A dream come true, it stops being a dream,” said Valeri Lobanovsky. Do you already have the next? 
“The championship is already over, we must start from scratch. The next trophy that will raise will be the most beautiful. ” 

source: La Stampa (by Massimiliano Nerozzi) 
adapted by: Mike Prise