Following the press conference held this morning in Rome by CONI [Italian National Olympic Committee] President Gianni Petrucci, Andrea Agnelli met the media at Juventus Media Center in Vinovo.

“I’ve carefully listened to Petrucci’s speech – stated Juventus President while opening the press conference – he never mentioned Juventus, but the reference to our club was apparent when he spoke about ‘ legal doping’.”

“I’m proud of being in charge at Juventus, and as President I must preserve the interests of the club that I represent. Petrucci asked to rediscover a serene atmosphere within sports, in particular in football. And when the Italian sports head launches a plea, we must answer.”

“President Petrucci asked for observing the rules, and Juventus always did it, however a series of several different events occurred from May 2010 up until today and tarring everyone with the same brush is not proper.”

Andrea Agnelli also examined all the most important stages of this year and half, starting with the petition submitted in May 2010 which, as per Juventus President’s words, “hasn’t received any reply for almost 14 months. In 2006, a ‘maxi-trial’ occurred over four months and resulted in heavy sentences, but we had to wait 14 months for a response to a petition counting a few pages. This gap is really too large.”

“Juventus always observed the rules and just when on 18 July the Federal Council dicided not to make a decision, we decided to preserve our interests.”

“President Petrucci spoke about ‘legal doping’, but I’d like to point out that on the occasion of the conciliation meeting at TNAS [National Sports Arbitration Court], I was the sole president attending the summit, while FIGC [Italian Football Federation] and Inter were represented by their lawyers.”

“Petrucci launched a plea to take a step back. I ask him and new sports minister Gnudi – to whom I wish good luck, and to Monti’s government as well – to go one step further to arrange a political table in order to have minds definitely at ease and calmly assess all facts occurred from 2006 up until today.”

“This table needs to be arranged by the Italian sports leader, and he also has to define the various stages. I’m ready to leave for Rome this evening. The Italian sports head should call this meeting to inspire everybody with calmness and ease, in order to clarify all events occurred since 2006. Petrucci must determine the various steps. The goal should be pursuing the development of Italian sports.”

“In 2005/2006 we were penalized and relegated to Serie B without the presence of a dubious phone call. We participated in the Serie B championship with calmness, and with the same spirit we are back on track. The perfect epilogue would be returning to winning ways on the pitch.”