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TURIN “I found the words of President Abete very inappropriate.” So the president of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli comment the statements by the President of the Football Association over phrases of Juventus coach Conte

ABETE – The president of the FIGC, after venting of Juventus coach to the penalty-kicks not granted in Parma, said: “The words of Conte were strong enough even ifhimself has pointed out that part of football depict situations that deserve attention. Setting Nicchi and Braschi provides the rotation of the referees to ensure that no one conducts same club for more than a bunch of games, because it is unthinkable that some clubs have only international referees. Referees rotate and you can have the feeling to be directed by a more or less experienced referee, thus keeping the twenty clubs in the same situation. Managers must be themself when he believes he has been wronged or, when praising the performance of the referee. ” 

source: tuttosport
adapted by: Mike Prise