“Juve yesterday gave a testimony of absolute professionalism, immediately recognized the error of referee. that makes us think This is the attitude that we received before, during and after the game, a hard fury against the leaders who had to leave the tribune insulted before the game, then before the fact. “

Andrea Agnelli commented on the controversy after Catania-Juventus on Sunday, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the new headquarters of the La Stampa newspaper . “It ‘s been very unpleasant to involve the designator Braschi to comment: I think the pressure exerted must be exercised at every single mistake and not just on a few mistakes.” “It makes you think – added the Juventus President – already find yourself last night on television and now in a state of siege that I find almost absolutely abnormal and atypical. Mistakes there were in our favor and against us. it ‘was interesting to read today a survey of panorama.it that says, putting to errors in a row now, Juventus is the most damaged “

“If we combine the last eleven games last year and the first nine of this season, we got eighteen wins and two draws. If we play worse, that’s okay.” Andrea Agnelli responded so to journalists who asked him for an opinion on the fact that Juve plays less well from last season but has more points and wins.

“By the way – said the president of Juventus – I would also remind you that we are moving forward without a fair amount of charge on the bench who is our coach, Antonio Conte, who shudders, looks forward to December 9 when he will return to release all his energy on the field, which is the rightful place. We are very happy to have him with us “

source: tuttojuve.com