He’s been the president for two years, a fan since he was born. Andrea Agnelli is a man who has black and white blood running through his veins. He knows exactly what it means to be a Juventino: you win, you celebrate, then you look to the future. 
There was a party atmosphere at Villar Perosa as the Bianconeri faithful celebrated the team’s league and Super Cup success. The focus now turns to laying the groundwork for the future. 
“I have a good feeling about the coming season,” Agnelli told Sky Italia. “We set out on a journey two years ago when we almost completely revamped the team. Now we’ve achieved success, and we proved ourselves again in Beijing by deservedly winning the Super Cup. But we must realign our sights on the next targets. Our Serie A and Super Cup triumphs are in the past now, we have to move on.” 
After two domestic titles, it’s back into Europe this year as Champions League football beckons once more – a stage Juventus are perfectly used to performing on. And one they want to do equally well on. 
The president continued: “Juve set out to win every competition they enter. There will be other pretenders to the same crowns, both at home and abroad, but this squad can hold its own. In Italy we’ll be aiming for a repeat of last season and in Europe we must believe that we can dream again.” The recent match-fixing trials, a subject already touched upon by John Elkann, was brought up with Andrea Angelli. The president confirmed that Juventus’ strategy remains unchanged going into the appeals process: “There is no new strategy. After the initial ruling we sat down as a club with Conte and analysed things at length. But we do need to take a step back. I’ve been saying for two years now that the sporting justice system needs to be reformed, and other things such as Law 91 of 1981 [which defines the status and rights of professional athletes], the stadiums, brand protection and a league reform. [FIGC president Giancarlo] Abete himself said yesterday that football has a lot of growing up to do, and we hope that the federation can play an active role in making that happen. A sports trial is by its nature a very short and superficial trial. If the prosecution and the defence try to meet then an equilibrium must be reached; when that turned out to be not possible, it meant returning to one’s original positions – that is, Conte’s position, Pepe’s position and Bonucci’s position. The lawyers presented their arguments in court and they will present the same arguments again. There’s no change in strategy but we’re confident we can obtain the right justice.” 
Finally, Agnelli commented on the Bianconeri No.10 shirt, which remains vacant for now. “The No.10 is a heavy shirt to wear and Conte and the lads have given it some consideration. It’s a shirt worn by great players. Alessandro was a great player, as were Baggio, Platini and Sivori. When the time is right somebody will wear it again. Unlike in the past, there’s no obligation to field a No.10 nowadays.”


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