In the episode of “Studio Sport XXL – the top ten of the week”, on Italy 1, exclusive interview with Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, who returns to talk about Farsopoli: “Take something to M***A and AC Milan as a carnival joke? To M***A would not deliver thee anything because the Scudetto in 2006 was already ours, to Milan tge the Champions of 2003. The championship of 2006 is a matter of justice, new facts have emerged which have profoundly changed those 6 years ago and so we will try to carry on our belief in every possible venue. In that period, in his work Moggi was the best of all, as it was in the past Allodi. While Giraudo to me was a landmark, like a father, and as such were affections and conflicts. ” 

Andrea Agnelli continued commenting on the growth of the team than last season: “The one has changed some of our balance from last year, is Barzagli. Del Neri had a difficult task, it was the beginning of the renovation; Conte I know for 20 years instead , was almost a natural choice.” 

He describes so the Juventus DNA: “Juve for my family has always been a wrapping passion, but we are more than a hundred and I do not know if everyone has a faith for Juventus. However winning for US is not important, is the only thing that Matters, as Boniperti said. He and Del Piero are one hundred percent the Juve DNA’s. ” 

The Juventus president continues with a thought on the situation of football in Italy: “Ten years ago the big Italian clubs had the same turnover of the big European clubs, today to bridge the gap between us and them would need a period of time between 5 and 8 years. In our football there are three DNA things: stadiums, television rights and the brands protection. Reforms needed. On the Milan sports policy remains our best ally, on the field the most formidable rival. I asked from Ferrari the contracts of Formula 1 drivers, to apply to football. A return to Maranello? I’m fine where I am. ” 

Finally, Andrea Agnelli states: “I like the derby, but I would give a Torino strong that would give to that challenge importance of ranking wel,l beyond the town rivalry. Who is the Juventus champion I prefer? Montero, ideals figures Torricelli and Nedved. Who do I miss? My brother Giovanni. ” 

adapted by: Mike Prise