I want to be tough! But until this point they are stronger! Hope things will change!
Tough President’s speech: 

“This morning we have met for a general reflection: our opinion does not change, but at this point we must continue to believe in our chances. We are in the race on both seasonal goals, league and Italy Cup, to try to achieve them against everything and everyone. We are very pleased, we started a process two years ago and the results are beginning to see. For merit of the technical area work that has set up a team to it’s height and the merit of Conte and his players who are extraordinary. Siena and Parma changes in the relationship with the referees? I have not seen a change, also the beginning it was like this. We have made tables of our presence in the area and number of fouls whistled … Certain things happen from the beginning of the season. After Genoa-Juventus a pause for reflection is good.” 

The silenzio stampa is already suspended, but prior to the Conte’s conference next Friday anyone will talk. 

adapted by: Mike Prise