JUVENTUS AGNELLI / ROME – “I just needed to talk for two minutes with Conte to understand at once his innocence”: these are the words of Andrea Agnelli on the referral of the Juventus coach released at the meeting ‘Leaders in Football’. 
The Juventus president spoke at the conference held at ‘Stamford Bridge’, also spoke of the financial fair-play and seasonal objectives of the ‘Old Lady‘: Juventus for a long time is adapting to Financial Fair-play, I hope they do also the other European teams. Goals? the Champions League is the most prestigious event on the continent and we, for our history, we must try to win. ” 
Speaking to ‘Sky Sports’, Agnelli wanted to go on the investigation of Calciopoli in 2006 that cost the Bianconeri the relegation to Serie B: “Calciopoli? Conclusions are based on presumed facts, there is no single evidence against us, This decision is based on Article 1 on the sporting behavior. the conclusion was that if you behave anti-sportively 3 times you have committed an offense, but there is no evidence, only presumed facts. There is a court of law that said the season 2005/2006 was not affected in any way, and another court ruled that the previous season 2004/2005 was never under investigation. ” 

 source: calciomercato.it

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