“I maintain my view, which is shared by everyone at Juventus, that Antonio Conte is an innocent man and in no way guilty of the charges levelled at him. The confirmation of his suspension is an injustice which should prompt the entire footballing system to ask itself questions.”
“We at Juventus await the return of our coach to the dugout, where he can fully demonstrate his talent and continue the work he does on a daily basis showing commitment and dedication to the team.”
“After so much has been written and said about this issue, the appropriate sporting bodies must proceed with a far-reaching reform of the sporting justice system, so it can avoid perilous inconsistencies – in terms of the length and severity of sanctions – the likes of which have occurred over the last few years and which have often led to serious miscarriages of justice. I hope they respond swiftly to this appeal so that such injustices may never occur again in the future.”

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS