“Today has simply been the follow-up to what we said on 10 August at the press conference which was held. We began what we had already clearly announced, with a list of seven actions. Today we’ve completed one of them.” Andrea Agnelli has cleared up Juventus’ position regarding the appeal made to the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio. “Our action is intended to check the administrative actions carried out by the Federation in 2006 and 2011,” continued the President. “Inter? I’d like to define them as a side effect. Our research is concerned with the equality of treatment and relates to who was judging in 2006 and 2011. We require clarity with FIGC [Italian Football Federation]. There are only two options: mistakes have either been made before or after.” 

Agnelli spoke on the subject from the Teatro Regio in Parma, where he received the Sport e Lavoro prize. The 35th edition of the honour was awarded to him and his cousin John Elkann by the panel of the Internazionale Sport Civiltà. “When this award first came to life, so did we,” joked the President who, thanks to a video, had the opportunity to relieve the emotions felt during Juventus Stadium’s opening ceremony. “I’ve watched the video again with pleasure because I was in a daze on that particular day. To build the new stadium we began midway through the 90s, in 2006 we were ready, but we had to stop. We began work in 2008, with the economic crisis in full swing, and our act of courage has paid off, given that all games have been sold-out up until this point”. 

The President then reiterated his regard for Del Piero: “There have been different interpretations of what I said at the Shareholders’ Assembly. In reality, we had already agreed that last summer’s renewal would be his last contract with Juventus and my only desire was to repay him with the best possible tribute. I’m now in Parma, and we opened the stadium against the team from this city. Moreover, it was against Parma where he had a special moment: it was his first year at Juventus, he scored a hat-trick and instead of celebrating he sought to credit who provided the assist. Well, that gesture shows exactly what a champion he is. Alessandro has contributed to Juventus’ history and the doors to the club and my office will always be open to him. Del Piero and Juventus are one thing and this can only be said about him, Boniperti, Platini and very few others.” 

source: juventus.com