We are Ladri…The ones that have 29 Scudetti…all of them Rubati
THERE are not any more the assistants as before. . . Woe now to ask a “friend” as Puglisi for a Milan-Fiorentina. And now – despite the implied preclusion (Tagliavent&Rocchi-M***A; Bergonzi-Juve;Russo-Milan&Roma) – there’s not even a chance to make a customized grid. 

As happened (and overlooked by police in Auricchio) in the telephone call of December 9, 2004 between Leonardo Meani, a former executive assigned to referees of Milan, convicted of sporting fraud in the process of Calciopoli of Naples, and the former designator Paolo Bergamo, condemned as beeing associated with the rival of Meani, Moggi

In front of the exclusive tie with Juventus, here is the agreement which is staged for the grid of the draw (not rigged) for Juventus-Milan of 18 December 2004, for the agreement with the consent of an unspecified superior of Meani, easy to understand (Galliani). 

All this in an agreement made 8 days prior to the grid, which will be exactly the one agreed between Bergamo and Meani: Collina, Paparesta and Bertini (who will arbitrate) plus foreclosed Rosetti. And De Santis as reserve because “he”, the referent of Meani, is the idea that will get angry Milan. 

Referees and assistants à la carte. Well, just read bellow… 

Bergamo: Leo? 

Meani: I just talked. Those three are going well there. 

Bergamo: So Collina, Paparesta and Bertini. 

Meani: And Bertini, those three are going well there. Even he (who is he? Who always relates to Meani, the former AC Milan head referee? Ed.), he says no to De Santis, is the idea that De Santis unnerves the team. As you say: De Santis is good for all games, but this here (it’s Juve-Milan, ed) … Oh I kept the promise of the bag. Let’s see if you keep yours … 

Bergamo: I am available … We would be there from six onwards 

Meani: No, no I will say who’s on the wings …

Bergamo: You mean Faverani (assistant still in business: he directed Lazio-Fiorentina, ed)? You put him back in Serie A on next Sunday. 

Meani: No, I mean Puglisi: let him do Milan-Fiorentina, but come on! 

Bergamo: Last night he did well Bayer Leverkusen against Dynamo Kiev with Collina. 

Meani: This one is very good. Is good as Ivaldi, Pisacreta, Griselli as Copelli is good.

Bergamo: Like Mitro 

Meani: As good is Mitro. Mitro if he were not so bad, and he seems is like a water heater. It’s true or not? 

Bergamo: A water heater with the head, but he is very good. 

Meani: Mitro is never wrong 

Bergamo: Now I’ll tell him: Meani says that you are like a water heater. (They laugh) 

Meani: A water heater with the title of Italy. Rather than be written Beretta which has the title of Italy in front. But he’s good and he’s a good person and I love him. But he is a wonderful person 

Bergamo: He is ‘a beautiful person. And you’ll see also Niccolai is a decent man. 

Meani: While Mitro and Puglisi are hyper tried and tested, Niccolai still needs. These are ready … If you can put him (Puglisi, ed) in for Milan-Fiorentina you do me a favor, is a year and a half ago that he doesn’t do AC Milan. 

Bergamo: Now do not tear the certain promise for Sunday, I have to see if he’s on the grid, he was also involved. We will see . 

by: ALVARO MORETTI & GUIDO VACIAGO source:Tuttosport 

Who is Leonardo Meani? 
extracted from an article of Antonio Corsa 

“That AC Milan has been the team that has paid for less than all for Calciopoli, I believe it is now clear to all. Leonardo Meani, executive officer for the arbitrators, on behalf of the ” big boss “(cited from Collina) Adriano Galliani, in fact entertained telephone calls with the entire world with arbitration. ” 

adapted by: Mike Prise