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For those who think that going to Athens may be a walk in the park, maybe it’s better that they stay out of the pitch. The tonight challenge against the Greek champions will be extremely complicated. The formation of Michel is not a team of inexperienced players and it showed that in the match against Atletico Madrid. It’s a fast and aggressive team with good individuality as Mitroglou,  team to which he returned after the loan to Fulham and the expensive sale of last year.

It will be a complicated match in a warm environment that does not allow breaks and in which we need people and men of character. Space, then, to the warriors, to Buffon, to Chiellini, to Bonucci , but especially to those who are used to fight with a knife between his teeth, as Arturo Vidal. The Chilean Warrior is the quintessential example of fight and class, the most man decisive last year in the Champions League, the leader of the midfield that makes the difference.

Who criticizes him should see his numbers before opening the mouth, Allegri knows what Vidal can give and tonight will rely on him, but also not only to a certain Carlitos Tevez, another who was born on the edge of the suburbs and to which the climate of the home stadium will not take effect for one accustomed to the Bombonera, this climate is nothing. A UCL NIGHT FOR WARRIORS, Juventus is ready …

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Bayern Juventus 2-0 Tactical Analysis

First thing is first, this is my first tactical analysis … The first thing that  we can say about last night game is that Conte has lost the tactical game to Josef “Jupp” Heynckes. No one can dispute that. And it’s not a big thing to lose in front of a man …