The transfer market is waiting for the July 5, when the federation will decide whether to open for the second NON-EU transfer. Many businesses are on standby and despite continue negotiations, the names matched to the various teams are multiplicity visibly.

Many teams, including inter and milan, look to Argentina and Brazil to catch new talent but for now they can not formalize the hits and does not mean that they can do in the future because of the standard. Danilo, big Rossoneri goal is blocked by Taiwo, while the Nerazzurri will have to choose between Casemiro, Banega, Ramirez and Tevez. Juventus can rest easy because Aguero, Higuain and Bastos are all licensed with the status of the EU.

While waiting, in short, that the decision by the Football Federation at the second NON-EU, so we decided to do some order and clarify who among the players targeted by our clubs, has a dual passport. So here is the list:

by : Mike Prise