Juve’s winter revolution  
TURIN – The revolution in winter is upon us. In Juve extra large – as a team- should be disposed of redundancies. And yet the disaffected, those who haven’t found and still do not find space. Technical choices: it has defined Antonio Conte. Logically, then, that the excluded will request to be transferred by the club. Otherwise the devaluation of the card and personal ambitions. 
OVERALL – The list is long and plentiful. A whole team, potentially, may end up on the market. It starts from the goal and you get to the attacker. In order: Manninger, Motta, Sorensen, Grosso, Krasic, Marrone, Elia, Toni, Amauri, Iaquinta. Obviously, not all go away, but there is a possible exit strategy for all. 

CUTS – All eyes, particularly, on attackers with huge wages . Amauri we know who is doing the countdown, which would not refuse a return to Palermo, who dreams of Milan, who has a chance in England. Since then, his relationship – twisted – with Juventus expires in June, anticipating a divorce would be healthy for both parties: the club and the player to find himself on the field after months of isolation. But it will not go free, thunders the Corso Galileo Ferraris. Luca Toni’s agent Tullio Tinti, has initiated contacts with Parma and Fiorentina. Difficult for the Novara to afford his salary. Vincenzo Iaquinta, however, the agent Andrea D’Amico runs Russia and South America tracks , as well as Italian ones. Under acceptable conditions, the attacker of Calabrian origin can still make a difference, in Serie A.

source: tuttosport.com
adapted by: Mike Prise