Vidal IN – Melo OUT, this is the move that Juventus wanted to implement to change the face of the midfield.
It all probably from the wish of Antonio Conte that wants to have a “handyman” midfielder who knows well to retrieve balls and also basting good game, just like chilian.

In reality, the question to ask is how you can draw his now famous 4-2-4 mainly from the midfield up.
Vidal is allegedly bought to play, as well as Andrea Pirlo who has already begun soon to show us sublime play with passes from his magic foot, but Claudio Marchisio?

The first thought is born spontanteo: but if we have three very good midfielders and we have difficulty in buying a left winger, why not set the team to a 4-3-3.
The coach will evaluate, on the contrary, surely he has already done; it is true that his favorite module is the one with 2 midfielders and two high wingers but it is possible that in some games or in some moments of the game to propose midfield and attack of 3.

Going back to 4-2-4, we can make two points: the first refers to the current situation, now in the middle would play Pirlo and Vidal, right Krasic and left Marchisio, the second is estimated assuming the transfer of a left winger role (Vargas, Bastos or someone else) would take the place of Principino on the left-side.

Considering that Conte has already expressed his admiration for Piedmont No. 8, we can think of a possible swap between him and Vidal, depending on the opponent and the shape of the players.

So, in short everything is a gamble but the important thing is that the clear ideas Conte has in his head: his job is, in fact, to square the circle and to please players and fans to build at last an year important.

by: Pietro Matraxhia
adapted by: Mike Prise