TURIN, June 4 After putting her nose into the “infirmaries of top European clubs, Juventus has decided to break the plunge and embrace, however, not a new theory that prevention is better than the cure “. Fits into this context the choice to have a center that can monitor at 360 degrees of mental status and physical health of players so can better control the condition of its players. Trying to avoid some of the mistakes in the past when as the Team passed through a moment of form not excellent, the players were put by the coach to excessive force.

COMMUNICATION With just these first simple reflections to understand that in order for such a structure to become effective, there should be maximum cooperation and communication between departments who work with the players. Essentially there are three components involved and will have to refer to what in normalClubs is recognized as the responsible with quality. The three figures in question are the Doctor of the Club, the Manager and the Athletic trainer. If among these three entities is respect and esteem, the end result will obviously be Important. Juventus in the next season should entrust to Professor Roberto Sassi this delicate task in trying to have a lower number of injuries, mostly muscle, and the relative timing of recovery that characterized the last season.

Dr. Roberto Sassi will use a structure similar to that used as AC Milan done by belgian “guru” Jean Pierre Meersseman : “Prevention is the best way.”

191 injuries in the last three years

2008-2009: 52 games -64 injuries (42 traumatic -22 muscle)
2009-2010: 50 games – 67 injuries (44 traumatic-23 muscle)
2010-2011: 50 games – 60 injuries (43 traumatic – 17 muscle)

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