Antonio Conte has made ​​it clear how his Juve will play : short, aggressive in pressing, skilled in the circulation of the ball from the defenders, quick in attacking the spaces with combinations between the four forwards almost automatic.

To date, we can say that they were taken suitable interpreters to the ideas of Conte, except in the central defensive package, which remained unchanged from last season. In fact, while they have arrived, among others, Vidal (a mastiff in pressing) and Vucinic (perfect for attacking in the ideas of Conte), on the other hand, the roster of defenders is the rather disappointing, who had available Mr. Delneri.

If Conte really asks to his proponents confidence in the circulation of the ball, even accepting the pressing of the opponent players, it is necessary that the line before Buffon – also often called to attend the ball around – consists of skilled players, not to be intimidated pressure from opponents who, on occasion, could launch the striker. Bonucci, such as the type, is the kind of player who can do well in this idea of ​​the game. Much less Barzagli and Chiellini, pure markers that do not give you exactly of the sphere.

Here, then, that’s why the central defender becomes a crucial issue among the many names of those recorded old-fashioned stopper, such as Lugano and Alex. But across Europe there are many names at higher levels, much younger than the above. An example? Mats Hummels of Borussia Dortmund, middle class, 1988, feet of midfielder and physic as a grenadier (more than 1.90 m tall, weighs 90 kg). Too bad for the evaluation, not less than 15 million, but who comes off the check, can rest assured that he has forfeited a potential crack

by:Nicol Pozzi
adapted by: Mike Prise