TURIN, December 11, 2012 – In Europe, there is only one stronger defense then Juventus, the one of Bayern Monaco. Ten goals conceded by the Italian champions after 16 Rounds, only 6 received by Bavarian with the same number of games. To tell the truth, even Benfica (6), Porto (6) and Ferreira (9) have suffered less goals, but with only 10 (Benfica) or 11 rounds (the other two). If we add the Champions League, the distance between Juve and Bayern, which both belong to the elite European unlike the Portuguese, tapering: 13 goals conceded by the Germans, 14 those taken by Juventus.

JUVENTINO RECORD – These numbers are amazing, but in this first part of the season all black and white (first place in Serie A and first place in the Champions League group which also included the European champions), Juventus has set a new record by beating itself, or better, beating all the defenses of the last 5 seasons. From the 2005-06 season (the next one will be in Serie B for the known events), Juve did not have a defense so strong after 16 Rounds. Then there was Fabio Capello on the bench, Buffon in goal and Juventus had undergone a goal less than today. In the following years, more and a few more.

THE QUALITY ‘- It’ a defense that has it all, one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world, one of the best markers (Barzagli) more prepared and better equipped in anticipation technique in recovering the ball on contrasts, an excellent pitcher (Bonucci) and a rock (Chiellini) which if you go to slam him you get hurt, but really bad. It ‘s so strong, so full and so organized that in the summer when the company bought Lucio, less attentive and less concentrated over the 90’ compared to his new companions, it was not difficult to give him a role as a backup. However, this ability to defend not only based on the qualities of the three defenders and Buffon. Comes mainly from the attitude of the whole team, from the work of wingers, by filtering of Marchisio, Vidal and even Pirlo, to whom it is increasingly difficult to get the ball away. It ‘s in balance the real difference between Juve and all other.

Source: Corsport (article by Alberto Polverosi)