After that Game in Milano, they are crucifying Us in each game with no Shame!
A goal can worth a championship? It certainly can worth. We would have gladly lost to AC Milan in that game because we deserved to be under two to zero the first half. In the second half though we deserved to win two to zero. That mistake was the real defining moment of the season, and from that moment was decided the championship. We would have gladly returned then cursed point and gave two more points to Milan. 

You can add them so at least Allegri will stay content and happy. Since we do not give anything for nothing if we remove the point gained with Milan, you have to give us back those with Bologna and those from the game of yesterday. Not only that, you need to give back even those from Parma and the game against Siena. So, our ranking simply says zero decisive penalties in our favor. Our ranking says AC Milan 60 points and Juventus to 60 points: 53 – 1 + 2 +2 +2 +2, explain to the coach that error on Muntari was underestimated. Do we exchange? A point less in exchange for eight we will gladly take … 

source:; by Massimo Pavan
adapted by: Mike Prise