It was important to send a signal to Europe, it  was a real match and Juventus proved to be worth the first place. A historic victory after so many victories of the Ukrainians in their house.

Juventus wins deservedly the top spot after a game lived in growing with a couple of sufferings minutes after the restart and with that ball of Alex Teixeira finished just wide. Lichtsteiner thinks to put it in the middle, grind kilometers and bring to good fortune the goal of Kucher and Giovinco, after the post had said no to Pirlo.

This Juventus has worked in every way and is a candidate to fight on a par in the second round. Among the first sixteen of Europe, therefore, a minimum target early in the season, not obvious in the draws where Juventus has eliminated the champions of Europe. A signal at all, Juventus there is and from February it will play at par, Conte returns and no one touches him.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan