The news launched in preview by Tuttosport is increasingly confirmed: Antonio Conte will accept the plea bargain and will stand away from the bench for 3 months. A choice that is already discussed, but a choice to be respected. Too easy to make strong skin of others: the coach and Juventus found themselves facing a difficult knot to untie. Some people thought it would be better to go to trial and possibly be condemned instead of coming to terms with justice sports and with Palazzi. There are those who instead supports the decision to remove the tooth immediately accepting the lesser evil.

Of course, Juventus also has given its opinion and may have “convinced” Conte to negotiate: there would be nothing wrong, the Old Lady is a company and must protect their interests. It happens in other fields, it also happens in football: fortunately for allConte was not abandoned when the news first circulated. Any position must be respected, as it should be the choice of the Conte and society. However, opens the topic to be respected by Palazzi: only screaming does not serve if no one is willing to listen, we must work to ensure that even a silent whisper is heard. What should we do? Take note that the Palace is strong and Juventus are in a position of inferiority, with one yelling does not change anything and you may end up crushed.

You have to work inside the Palace without giving up, it would be a big mistake, for their reasons. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to be more realistic for the King and abandon the path of the Revolution. 


 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS