“Sorry, we stop the selection of games from Serie A, will still be resumed shortly, for one really awful reason : Gaetano Scirea died in a car accident in Poland, where he had gone to follow the team that will be the next opponents of his Juventus in the European cup. 
It ‘s useless wasting words on a man who has shown alone for so many years on all fields of the world, who won a world title with merit and that was above all a champion not only of sport, but above all of civilization. ” 
With these words, September 3, 1989, Sandro Ciotti, announced Italy the untimely and tragic death of Gaetano Scirea. 
After exactly 22 years from that tragic day, but time has not diminished the memory of a extraordinary Champion an example of loyalty and fairness, the symbol of a team and a nation that still remembers him with pride. 
We miss you always Gaetano, one, huge, unforgettable Captain. 
A BIG embrace Mariella and Richard Scirea.