They are still mocking us! We should not tolerate this!
Five games influenced by the referees, five games in which the referees have denied clear penalties to Juventus. Here are the details of the matches: 

Juve-Parma 4-1, Sept. 11, 2011: On the 0-0 net penalty denied Matri. “I don’t wish there was still Calciopoli in someone’s head – Conte said after the game – we want the same treatment for all.” He was right … 

M***A-Juventus 1-2, 29 October 2011: At 2-1, Castellazzi lands Marchisio . Penalty for all except for Rizzoli. M***Azurri probably influenced by the protests of the previous days. 

Lecce – Juventus 0-1, January 8, 2012: On 0-1, at start of second half Oddo fouls Vucinic. Bergonzi let’s it go … 

Juventus-Siena 0-0, February 5, 2012 – A few minutes from time, handball of Vergassola on Chiellini’s cross . Peruzzo doesn’t whistles, the Bianconeri lose an opportunity to stretch in the standings. 

Parma-Juventus 0-0, 15 February 2012 – It’s past history. Two penalties requested by Juventus for fouls on Giaccherini and Pirlo 
adapted by: Mike Prise