There was once Zemanlandia, the land of fun, where there was a good game and enjoyed them all. The winners were often opponents, but also as a coach Zeman who had enjoyed. Nothing to say against Zeman at Foggia. The trio Signori, Rambaudi, Baiano we will remember all, Forever. After Foggia came Lazio and reached them good results, before moving to Rome. I wonder why his allegations to Juventus arrived there, without reason, without sense. Those accusations overwhelmed him, perhaps a strange law of retaliation, which means that those who sow hatred eventually collect storm. 
Little we will matter Zeman Saturday, who wants to jeer, but he will not go in the field, so better see and beat the eleven on the green ground. Juventus fans for two years are living with Antonio Conte and more than any other Juventus in the past have been able to appreciate the beautiful game and particularly interested in defending their coach, real top player on the bench. A balanced game that of Conte, attack and defense and not just one department, game made of ideas, sacrifice, love and passion. 
As a player Antonio Conte has managed to convey his values ​​on the field, true values, unique, Juventini in DNA, values ​​that should be respected. We like this Juve, we like CONTELANDIA, the land of the 44 match unbeaten run. The land that obtains in the first year the championship and a Super Cup. A land full of passion and desire. Sorry, but we prefer these lands. 
Per noi vincere non è’ importante ma l’unica cosa che CONTE. 

 source:; by: Massimo Pavan

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS