Can you condense four months of Antonio Conte in an hour? Probably not, even if the hours of talks offered by Juventus yesterday was very interesting to address all the issues about Juventus: “from the defeat with inter,” until turnover, the thought on Pogba, to Champions League group, without forgetting the results in the championship and the media digs. Antonio Conte responded in a comprehensive manner, alternating sarcasm with loud and clear words, to all: opponents, protesters, journalists and fans.

The warning is clear and unique unity, unity of purpose to achieve the goal is to come back to win. Unity in the event of defeat and failure to qualify for the Champions League, because this team is not at end of cycle, but the beginning of his technical and sports project. Antonio Conte has made it clear that he is, is always there and even if it can not complete his work 100% in recent months, his players and the staff did everything they could do. To see and hear him again simply wait a few weeks.

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan