If I will raise my hands like this after the next 3 games, well I think …. I’ve won it!

Now is a constant, almost a certainty: those arriving in Turin, at the Juventus Stadium, defends himself in eleven and tries to bring home a point. We hardly saw in Turin opponents willing to risk the game head on. The last match against Catania was an exception and in fact the challenge was spectacular. 

We are now curious to see what will do Chievo Verona. Curious and interesting to know if they will play with eleven players behind the line of the ball or if they try to play the game at par. Hard not to imagine the usual challenge with team closed on one side and the other team who attacks. 

Conte is already thinking about the right moves, knowing that the team has the batteries on charge, also because of the challenge which saw the max-used national players. Hopefully Pirlo does not have his tongue hanging out and with him Barzagli who were few who have played all ninety minutes on Wednesday. 

Conte has already in mind the right moves to bring down the bunker and definitely the weapon on which to focus is the fantasy. So in the field Giaccherini and Vucinic who are good in one on one. Second move the full-backs. Likely, therefore, the use of De Ceglie and Caceres, good in activating the speed on the wings. Finally, the third move, will be the changes during the game. 

With two disqualified, difficult to see many new faces, but not impossible to imagine the changes in the second fraction to lighter on those who have already played a lot this year. We’ll see, but the challenge of Saturday is fundamental. After, in fact, come three away games: Bologna, Genoa and Fiorentina. Juventus is beginning to play a lot … But slowly, one step at a time. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise