If it was played 20 days ago we would have seen a different game from what we will see tomorrow night. The challenge on Tuesday evening is hard and there are at least three reasons for which it is worth giving 100% to show that Juventus can do two tough games even after a few days and especially to see that with some piece missing we can overcome the most difficult challenges, contrary to what flying owls say. 

 The challenge of San Paolo is a volcano to climb, we have to climb Mount Vesuvius and try to put another flag after putting one on the Aventine Hill on Saturday night. Unfortunately, for three reasons, the challenge of tomorrow night will not be equal to the one we had to play twenty days ago. Claudio Marchisio will miss and for Juventus the absence will be very heavy and hard. If it was played when it was on the calendar, Marchisio wouldn’t have missed the game maybe the one against Palermo or the match against Cesena. But there will be Quagliarella and for Naples the very important Gargano, an advantage for the Neapolitans.

 Another determining factor, other than twenty days ago is the lack of bianconeri fans. The ultras will desert the stadium, because for them there was no respect, no respect for those who buy the ticket and shall bear a trip, starting in the morning and is not guaranteed a refund. Last diversity the points of distance and physical condition. Juventus has earned four points more Neapolitan, but unlike then, will be facing a team under the same conditions of rest, unable to take advantage of a mid-week commitment, so totally equal, and that objectively correct, but it could have been an important advantage for the Bianconeri.

 For these reasons could have been and was not is right that the Bianconeri will put the whole show and that are stronger and that Juventus is back. This time, no excuses, no intended words of Mazzarri…It is played on a par, more or less ..

 by: Massimo Pavanadapted by: Mike Prise