Gianni+Agnelli+JuventusTen years ago, January 24, 2003 died Gianni Agnelli. For those who knew him, to those who saw him from afar, to those who appreciated his style, that day remains indelible. Each of us was doing something in the January 24, 2003, but the news took me by surprise and I stopped doing what he was doing for news, learn and retain the emotion, especially because this man had done more, had been and has been the history of Italy, as well as Juventus. Can not remain indifferent to the bianconero love of OUR lawyer, his passion, his style, his desire for Juventus and the words that were always in the right place at the right time.

The lawyer in his famous phrases was amazed and gave aphorisms and maxims to score and keep it as a precious commodity. There are for example two on the will to win and what Juve should always do, because it was created primarily for that, “Boniperti says his Juve won much? Yes, it is true, but why not go to Madrid to see the trophies of the Real? The truth is that Juve should never look back, but always think of the success to come “

Winning: “Wins Juve or wins the best?I am lucky, often the two coincide.”

[The day after the final of the Champions League 1982-1983: Hamburg-Juventus 1-0] Nothing happened, these Germans have taught us to read and write.

[Before the final of the 1995-1996 UEFA Champions League between Juventus and Ajax] If they are a team of Flemish painters, we will be the tough Piedmontese.

[…] Because Juventus, already after a century of history, has become a legend. A legend that has arisen in a high school in Turin and who ended up winning nine, ten million fans in Italy and, of course, many abroad with a name, a shirt and colors known all over the world.