A lot was invested in Sebastian Giovinco. It was invested trust, it was invested patience and most importantly … there were invested a lot of money. When was delighting everyone with the Under 19 and Under 21 Italian National, Arsene Wenger inquired about the so promising youngster. We all smiled defiant to the circulated amounts, glad to have in our yard a talent that could in theory step to the footsteps of the legendary Del Piero. The great technique and speed of movement could have ensure the success of striker grew in Juventus spirit. He should have become a star, should have erupt with the anger of a roaring volcano, should have to confirm, SHOULD HAVE! Was favored, encouraged, protected. All in the hope that the impact of beginning will not remain just a chapter closed prematurely.

What remains of Giovinco’s contribution to this team? Sporadic positive developments in matches without importance, a frost of goals at every disappointing intervals and a dainty superstar attitude incapable of realistic introspection. He remains the disappointment of his followers, helplessness and the mentality of the “misunderstood artist.” It remains the hilarious image of “kindergarten Star” who could never overcome his condition, remains the hostility of most of the public that should have to be “his”. Giovinco is the passenger overrated footballer, over-payed and snorting. Here are 10 reasons why I hate Giovinco!:

  1. He always treated glacial and arrogant the Juventus subject when was a footballer of Parma.
  2. Scored for the same Parma the goal that refused Juventus the overcoming record of unbeaten absolute matches in Serie A, owned by Milan’s Cappelo. It happens in spring of 2010 and exulted like one real opponent!
  3. Stood out as an incurable egoist, who prefers to waste phase individually instead to participate in the team plays. Why his illusory glory should be denied ?
  4. Is the only player in SerieA history who spent probably more time on the grass than standing. Any physical contact was ended with a ridiculous dive and endless protests.
  5. Because it was enough one insignificant goal of 4-1 in overtime against Rome to exult in the manner of Del Piero, “the linguaccia”, as if the successor of Ale descended to “mortals”
  6. Because he dared with his native audacity to defy countless times ultras in Curva Sud, leading finally to obscene gestures impossible to tolerate. And for what? Because they booed with whistles his disastrous performances, unworthy of their passion and sacrifice. The supporters are the most precious value, you arrogant prince, they are your masters and judges, not vice versa!
  7. Because he held on the bench players more valuable than him, fighters who were involved exemplary whenever they entered the field and would have given a different outcome to the game. He had all the favors of the coach and has not yet capitalized anyhow.
  8. Because half of “half of a footballer” costed us 12 million. With this money we could have approached better players, but was Giovinco chosen. An assumed loss!
  9. Because he refused transfer offers several times, preferring to draw a undeserved salary as a roster Juventus player . He represented a perpetual minus-valence over time.
  10. Because he has demonstrated his real value of choosing delighted to sign with a team from small football for the only thing that he was ever interested in, a high salary.

What will the Juventus supporter remember of Giovinco? Probably a 2-1 goal against Milan and 2-3 free kicks throughout his career. And when you consider that he wanted number 10, the symbol of impeccability, of the sublime and elegance in every respect! A small man hides behind even a smaller footballer in his case, one that clung to any illusion to justify his enormous ego. In two adventures at Juventus has failed only to confirm that sometimes the talent is nothing if not coupled with personality, professionalism and respect. Finally we say “Farewell, Giovinco”! Finally someone deserving will get a chance in your place, will benefit from the opportunity to offer all to Juventus, not exactly what you’ve done. We will not miss you! Perhaps the MLS is right for you, it’s hard at Juventus, you can’t do more, isn’t it, Seba?

P.S. He will definitely be a great ambassador of Parma in Canada.

adapted in English by Mike an article of BERSERKER @